The First
The Monthly Newsletter of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
October 2021
Featured Forum Articles
African Forum: "Towards COP 26"
- Peter Knox

European Forum: "Welcoming the Stranger?"
- Suzanne Mulligan

North American Forum: "Afghanistan Withdrawal Highlights Americans' Withdrawal of Trust in Government"
-Thomas Massaro
"A Dramatic Change in the Teaching on Homosexuality?" - Ramon Echica

Latin American and Caribbean Forum: "Pandemia e Ética Teológica"
- Maria Inês de Castro Millen

Junior Scholars Forum: "The Post-Covid World Will Not be the Same... Really?"
- Grégoire Catta
Virtual Tables

The first meeting of Pursuing Health gathered nine participants to share experiences and theological reflections related to the pursuit of health for individuals and communities.  

Areas of expertise and experience that emerged include: clinical ethics and accompaniment; health of indigenous communities; health and the climate crisis; contextual approaches to healing; interfaith collaborations on global health justice; gender, sexual, and reproductive health; transnational experiences of infertility; caregiving; disability ethics; social determinants of health; syllabus support.

We will gather again on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 9am Eastern (GMT -4:00) to share experiences on the theme of Accompaniment (friends and family, vulnerable communities, or being accompanied in illness). Please contact Mary Roche ( for more information or if you have an experience to share but are unable to attend.
African Regional Report
Congratulations, Sr. Kiragu!

Sister Teresa Kiragu successfully defended her PhD dissertation, entitled "Holistic healthcare Ethics and a Culture of Life: Towards a New Approach to Healing in the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri." A timely work as we battle the Covid-19 pandemic. We send our congratulations and best wishes to Sister Teresa for a fruitful intellectual apostolate. Hongera Sister Kiragu!

Book Launch

A successful book launch for "African Theology in the 21st Century" took place on Sept. 29, 2021.

Contributors include: Prof Laurenti Magesa; Dr Elisee Rutagambwa; Teresa Wacera PhD Cand. & Richard Kakeeto PhD Cand.; Prof Richard Rwiza; Dr. Idara Otu; Sr. Dr. Marren Awiti; Sr. Dr. Mary Lembo; Sr. Dr. Tonia Ojo; Dr. Marcel Uwineza; Dr. Jean Luc Enyengue; Prof. Stan Chu Ilo; Dr Matthew Michael; Dr. David Kaulemu; Dr. Paul Bere; Dr. Elias Opongo.

Congregational Appointment

Sister Anthonia Bolanle Ojo, forum coordinator for the African region, was elected "Vicar General" of her Congregation (Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel (SSMA) on the 31st of August, 2021. The appointment is for 6 years. Here is how the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel define their vision and charism: "Our vision is to implant godliness in human beings in an intimate way such that the faith take firm root in people's culture and daily experience while our charism involves evangelization through inculturation, preaching the gospel in such a way that it becomes part of the people's culture."
Asian and Oceanian Regional Report

Lourdes Didth Mendoza-Reyes and Eleanor R. Dionisio, eds., Signs of the Times: Our World Through the Lens of Vatican II (Quezon City: John J. Carroll Institute of Church and Social Issues, 2021). 

These writers share how our lives and our collective history were shaped and influenced by Vatican II and its related Catholic social teachings.They remind us that while the world goes through transformative change, the Church walks with us, shining a much needed light on our path.

Edilberto C. De Jesus, Manuel M. Dayrit, Ivyrose S. Baysic, eds., Countering COVID-19: Cases in Crisis Response (Quezon City: Ateneo University Press, 2021). 
The enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic urgently calls for a proactive and strategic response from across all sectors at all levels: global, national, and local. With its wide range of essays, Countering COVID-19 makes the case for a coordinated and truly whole-of-society approach to contain, adapt to, and overcome the pandemic while laying bare preexisting systemic and structural inequalities.

Bong, Sharon A., “Encountering the stranger at the gate: Towards a feminist-postcolonial theology of hospitality,” Concilium 1, (2021) 21–29.
Bong, Sharon A., “The queer-postcolonial turn,” Religion and Gender 1, (2021) 63–66.

Upcoming Online Conference
The Annual conference (online) of the Association of Moral Theologians of India (AMTI) shall take place on 16, 23 and 30 November 2021 from 6 to 8 pm (Indian time). Theme: Five Years of Amoris Laetitia: Developments in Moral Theology and Challenges in Pastoral Practices.” 

Those who are interested to participate may kindly register latest by 4th November 2021. The Zoom link for the conference shall be sent to those who register.
European Regional Report

(In Italian): Antonio Autiero, Marinella Perroni (ed.), Maschilità in questione. Sguardi sulla figura di san Giuseppe (Queriniana: Brescia 2021).
Freed from hagiographic stereotypes and strictly apologetic purposes, Joseph becomes the emblem of a masculinity that is now more than ever in question. This book launches an unprecedented path, an expression of the fecund intertwining that theology intends to establish with other cultural perspectives.
(In German): Alexis Fritz, Christof Mandry, Ingo Proft & Josef Schuster SJ (ed.), Digitization in Healthcare: Anthropological and Ethical Challenges of Human-Machine Interaction (Freiburg: Herder, 2021).
The questions raised by the contributions range from aspects of information ethics to the redefinition of the relationship between patients and professionals to the status of artificial intelligence. How does the understanding of the body change when the boundaries between body and environment are technologically redefined? Do digital technologies improve people and health or do they question the humanity of human care relationships?

Biannual Conference of the BCE

The Bioethicists in Central Europe (BCE) organise this year their biannual conference at the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Theology of the Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic on October 22-24, 2021. An international and interdisciplinary group of scholars from the fields of theology, social sciences, and medicine will engage with the theme “Brain and Morality: How Much Morality Does the Brain Allow?

Conference Report
The Association of Theologians for the Study of Morals (French-speaking ATEM) and the IVMS (German-speaking Association for Moral Theology and Social Ethics) organized a joint colloquium on "The Universality of Human Rights" from September 5 to 7 in Strasbourg. View a report on the proceedings from the colloquium here.

Job Posting - Germany

The Chair of Theological Ethics at the University of Passau advertises a position of research assistant. View the job posting and contact information.
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Report

El 18 de septiembre el Prof. Mg. Pablo A. Blanco, miembro de CTEWC Latinoamérica, presentó el tema "La nueva evangelización en la Ciudad" en la jornada inaugural el primer sínodo en 400 años de historia de vida de la arquidiócesis de Buenos Aires presidida por el Arzobispo de Buenos Aires y Cardenal Primado de la Argentina Mario A. Poli. Para mayor información: Primer Sínodo Arquidiocesano.

El grupo de investigación Etheos conformado por miembros de CTEWC de México, EUA y Colombia invitan al II Coloquio Ética y Teología desde las Fronteras el 22 y 23 de octubre próximo. Inscripciones.


El martes 17 de agosto se presentaron los “Dicen, pero no hacen”, del P. Alberto Parra y “Apuntes de Teología para no teólogos” del P. Alberto Múnera. La presentación se puede ver aquí. Para solicitud de envíos de libros en físico o por digital, con

Lançamento do livro "DISCERNIMENTO MORAL e BENIGNIDADE PASTORAL: para além das incompreensões e resistências à Amoris Laetitia". Vários membros da CTEWC contribuíram com a Obra: André Boccato de Almeida, Antonio Autiero, Claudia Leal Luna, Jutta Battenberg Galindo, Marcela Lapalma, Maria Inês de Castro Millen, Maria Teresa (MT) Dávila, Paolo Carlotti, Ronaldo Zacharias e Solange Aparecida Novaes. Outros autores convidados: Cesar Kuzma, Dom Joaquim G. Mol Guimarães, Fernando Altemeyer Junior, Sérgio Ricardo Coutinho.

Juan Francisco Tomas fue aceptado como miembro de ATIEM (Asociación Teológica Ibérica para el estudio de la moral) y publica el libro Santos y misericordiosos porque santificados y misericordeados. El libro se puede solicitar a PIECO Libros por los siguientes links:

Nuestro compañero Agustín Ortega participa como co-autor de libro “Ignacio Martín Baró, la psicología, la liberación y el pensamiento latinoamericano hoy.
North American Regional Report
Recent Articles

Tobias Winright "Mission, Values, and Public Safety Practices on Jesuit Campuses," Conversations in Jesuit Higher Education (September 8, 2021).

Kate Ward, "America's child care crisis and Catholic social teaching," America (September 16, 2021).

Event Invitations

A conference on The Rising Global Cancer Pandemic: Health, Ethics, and Social Justice will be held in-person at Boston College on Saturday, October 2, 2021 and is open to the public. For conference participants and guests who are unable to attend in-person, all sessions will also be available via Zoom webinar format; registration is required for both. We invite you to register, whether you will attend In-person or as a Webinar.

Jim Keenan will be giving the 14th Annual Holy Spirit Lecture at Duquesne University on October 4 at 4:00 PM. The event is free and open to the public, and it will be livestreamed - so please join us to hear Jim's address, "Grieving in the Upper Room: Vulnerability, Conscience, Recognition, and the Holy Spirit." More information and registration for the livestream link available here.

Job Posting

Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX announces two open positions for a Professor of Moral Theology (open rank) and a Vice President for Academic Affairs. Review of applications begins on November 15, 2021. For additional information and to apply, visit the Oblate School of Theology website.