They promised to defend. We promise to support.
Welcome to the Initial Deployment of our
OHT Briefing!
Hello OHT Supporter!

Wow. In 11 short years, thanks to a tireless effort from supporters like you, Operation Hat Trick has grown into an international force providing our wounded and recovering service members and veterans with the everyday support they deserve.
We began this mission in 2008 when by chance I heard a trivia question on a Boston radio station asking, "What was the one thing most wanted by head wounded service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan?" By now, we all know the answer to this question: baseball hats to cover their wounds, bandages, swelling and treatment.

Operation Hat Trick is dedicated to Navy SEALs Nate Hardy and Mike Koch who were killed in Iraq on February 4, 2008. They made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country. OHT has made a promise to #NeverForget all those who have made sacrifices while preserving our freedom.

Fast forward to 2012 - the year in which we expanded our mission from the New England area to a national philanthropic initiative through the support of our first headwear partner, '47. Today, our mission is embraced by over 400 colleges and universities in all 50 states, 21 National Hockey League teams, 80 Minor League baseball teams, 15 NBA teams, 165 high schools and over 100 companies.

Our incredible success over the last decade creates a new opportunity to expand our impact. To maximize this potential, we need our core supporters to be fully briefed on the impact we're having together. We're incredibly excited to usher in a new era of OHT communication through our OHT Briefing digital newsletter! The OHT Briefing will provide you with an engaging monthly briefing that keeps you fully apprised of our progress toward our goals and rallies OHT supporters to keep marching toward the completion of our mission!

So let's get started on our inaugural OHT Briefing !

Thank you for all that you do to help us fill some critical gaps in care and support those in need.

Dot Sheehan
Operation Hat Trick
FOUNDER'S UPDATE: An Unbroken Chain of Support
I had some time on a beach last week, which historically is a time for deep thoughts. Well, I have a few. The chain of support that we've created together over the years is truly incredible. We have great companies producing great products that promote incredible teams while supporting our incredible work. But, that's not the endpoint. OHT also supports veterans-focused causes in the US that provide the everyday support and services our military members and veterans need to resume their daily lives. OHT headwear and apparel turns into adaptive equipment; financial assistance for rent, heating bills and food; cabins at a veterans’ summer camp; rehabilitative hunting, fishing and skiing trips; psychological and emotional support programs; and support for veterans with substance abuse. In our OHT Briefing, we want to bring all the components of this incredible chain of support to life and fully demonstrate the ultimate impact of our mission. And, we want your help in identifying great local causes supporting service members and veterans that should be part of the Operation Hat Trick family!
Our First OHT Briefing Highlights our First Partner
When OHT was first conceived as a national-in-scope philanthropic brand in 2012, we set out to find a headwear partner, but couldn’t find one that was in a position to help us pursue our vision for OHT. After many meetings (and good old OHT persistence), we found a company in ’47. An industry leading headwear and apparel company, '47 was willing to work with us to pursue the expansion of our unique military support brand. ’47 agreed to do a test program with ten universities, but within months we had found more than 50 universities willing to participate. And the rest is history. We currently have over 400 universities and hundreds of other partners outside of college. ’47 initially offered just two hat SKUs, but today offers an entire OHT catalog of hat and apparel styles. 

You know the story behind OHT but do you know the origin story of '47 Brand? Arthur and Henry D'Angelo, identical twin brothers, started '47 Brands in 1947 in Boston, selling Red Sox newspapers and pennants to the Fenway Faithful. It wasn’t long before fans wanted headwear and apparel so they started selling in and around the Ballpark. In 2013, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino honored Arthur D'Angelo by naming a street near Fenway Park, "Arthur's Way." The company is based in Westwood, MA and is led by Arthur's four sons: Robert, Mark, David, Steven.

’47 is well known for impeccable quality and remains OHT’s exclusive headwear provider and a key semi-exclusive apparel partner. Click HERE t o view ‘47s latest OHT catalog. 
Corporate partnerships and support are critical to the success of Operation Hat Trick. They add a new perspective and involve employees in the caring of our veterans in need.
Red River Technology, located in Claremont, NH and Reston, VA, provides technology solutions for business and government. They proudly list their commitment to philanthropy as one of their core values. They have a very active Foundation, the Red River Charitable Foundation (RRCF), where they believe you're only as good as you give back.  The RRCF has a dual mission of encouraging students to continue their education in the fields of science, math and technology, as well as supporting military veterans as they transition back to civilian life. Employees are encouraged to donate their time to charities of their choice: last year, employees contributed more than 1500 volunteer hours.

It all began when Red River saw one of OHT's hats on a high school student. Here in New Hampshire, 65 high schools participate in the OHT High School program. Students proudly wear their OHT hats to school, to games, out socially, and all over town. Red River employees saw these hats, and asked,"Why not us? Why not do a Red River/OHT hat?", which they then proceeded to make happen. Before long, they began to wonder how they could get the Boston Bruins involved (they love their hockey at Red River and so wanted to get involved with the B's). OHT made the introduction and Red River became a Boston Bruins sponsor. RRCF supported a new program at Boston Garden for a custom OHT/'47 hat where 100% of the proceeds came back to OHT for New England veterans in need. To date over $125,000 has been raised by this program!   View this video of OHT, Red River, The Bruins and the Bruins Foundation visiting and serving lunch at the New England Center and Home for Veterans in Boston, an organization OHT supports through the Red River/Bruins program.

Thanks to Red River for being such a terrific partner. Together we are making a difference!
OHT is pleased to announce its newest partnership with industry innovator Zephyr Graf-x to produce an OHT Tokyodachi line. Tokyodachi, which has been adopted by nearly 200 universities, is a very popular streetwear/lifestyle brand inspired by Japanese culture. (Today, there are more than 100,000 US military and government employees who make US ally Japan their home.) The OHT Tokyodachi line and the royalties it generates will enable us to expand via the growing number of younger demographic Americans who buy Tokyodachi hats, shirts, figurines, bobbleheads, stickers, and other unique collectibles. View the Tokyodachi website HERE .
OHT has partnered with CaringCent, a technology company that specializes in assisting collegiate athletic departments and media rights holders in aligning fans, programs and businesses in recurring, shared support. CaringCent is strongly committed to helping OHT grow our impact on injured and recovering service members and veterans through increased engagement and mobilizing our incredible supporters, partners and brands in shared support. Learn more about CaringCent and our partnership HERE .
OUR IMPACT: Travis Mills Foundation
One of the many things that makes OHT unique is the ability to empower and financially support amazing organizations providing critical services and support to our service members and veterans. In fact, we support dozens of federally recognized 501c3 organizations as an essential part of our military support mission. We vet and seek out sometimes smaller and early stage 501c3 organizations because one of our commitments is to fill gaps in care for our injured and recovering heroes – smaller and start up 501c3 organizations often focus on niche yet critical areas of care and support.
" From my time at Walter Reed to today, Operation Hat Trick has been a true friend and partner in the success of the Travis Mills Foundation. I am so grateful for the continued partnership with OHT because I know that you believe in our success because you are a founding part of it. Without your early support, I could have never made this dream possible, and the Travis Mills Foundation has been able to serve over 200 veteran families because of that dream. Thank you, OHT, for believing in our recalibrated veterans and for supporting the Travis Mills Foundation." 
--- Travis Mills, Founder, Travis Mills Foundation

OHT most recently made a $30,000 donation to the Travis Mills Foundation, whom we have consistently supported since its founding. Our donation will go to sponsor 8 injured/recovering veterans and their families to attend the Travis Mills retreat in Maine. The retreat helps “ recalibrated” veterans (founder Travis Mills prefers "recalibrated warrior" to "wounded") and their families through long-term programs that help heroic men and women overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and provide well-deserved rest and relaxation.  

Travis Mills is one of five surviving quadruple amputees, losing his limbs from an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) during his 3rd tour in Afghanistan. When you hear from Travis and learn about the incredible experience his Foundation provides for veterans, you'll understand why the organization has been an OHT partner from the beginning. For more information on the Travis Mills Foundation, please go  HERE .
Are you ready for some AMAZING news?????   Fanatics, the international leading retailer of sports licensed product, and partner supplier Colosseum are rolling out the most comprehensive military/Americana themed apparel line in the history of collegiate licensing – one that actually benefits the military through OHT! Partnering with more than 125 universities, Colosseum’s extensive 30+ style offering includes best quality men’s and women’s pullovers, zip hoodies, raglans, full and ¼ zips, jerseys, and even onesies! The line will be available to consumers in early Fall. If you are interested in participating in the Fanatics/Colosseum OHT program please email Dot Sheehan .
Many universities throughout the country, including the University of Arizona, Clemson, Montana, Utah State, South Florida, the University of San Diego, and Western Michigan, along with professional sports teams including the Boston Bruins and Dallas Mavericks, have recognized that a call to action for supporting the military can be a deeper way to celebrate and recognize the sacrifices and contributions of our military service members and veterans. 

While nearly every university and professional sports team throughout the country is active in their military appreciation efforts, a vast number have gone the next step by incorporating OHT co-branded products into these activities. They offer OHT headwear, apparel, and product for sale in their bookstores, at local retailers, in team pro shops, and through their ecommerce sites. A royalty is built into everything sold and that’s the money that goes back to OHT for distribution to organizations that fulfill the OHT mission.

Go HERE and HERE to see examples of the call to action used by Arizona and Clemson on their stadium video boards and other outlets. 
To learn more about how you can get involved with Operation Hat Trick to support our service members in need, please visit our Website.