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  April 25, 2017 
Vol. 1, Issue 4

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Calling all Euchre Players

Now that Spring is stirring and the the Snowbirds are returning, we would like to see if there is interest among the Owners to take part in a Euchre Tournament.  The date is Saturday, May 27th.

Space will be limited so we are taking names of interested people at this time with more information to follow.  If you would like to be a part of this great event, please send a return email to the Editor ASAP to get on the list.  

You can click on the handy link below:

Owner's Spotlight

Jean Hobson 
(231 Hilltop)

In 1960 our family lived in Waterdown and a group of us used to come to the lodge at Limberlost for skiing vacations. Later on, we bought a cottage at Oxbow lake.  In 1967 we moved our family permanently  to a waterfront home in Huntsville on Fairy  lake on Lake drive. We enjoyed many family dinners here and were friends of the Craicks.  

I lost  my husband of 32 years and remarried 5 years later.  We  had our reception  at Grandview.  I sold my home on Lake Dr. and we lived in southern Ontario with a winter home in Fort Myers Florida on a golf course for next 19 years.  

When my second husband died again after 28 great years I was living in a  beautiful waterfront condo in Barrie.  A few years later I received a call from an old friend who lived on Fairy Lake Circle.  I moved into Grandview in October 2015 and Ralph joined me here.  We had 2 wonderful  years here together before he died as well.  

I will be 92 in June and have enjoyed living at Grandview!!          

Famous Actor Living in Grandview?

People from many walks of life have chosen to make Grandview their home, including a famous actor.  Can you guess who?  Go to the link below to find out.

First person who email's the Editor with the correct name will receive a $10 gift card from Tim Horton's. 

(NOTE:  Editor's family members and the famous actor are ineligibly for the prize)

Click the link below for a clue to the identity of the famous actor:

Founder's Corner

Some musings from Gregg Evans, son of Grandview's founder, Bruce Evans

Grandview Inn was opened in the spring of 1874, by the Cookson Family, who owned the property and operating business through to 1968. I met with the last remaining Cookson in 1995, to learn about the history of the resort. Joe was 94 years old and told me the most amazing story about the matriarch of the Cookson Family, Rose Cookson.  Rose had 4 children and ran the resort with an iron fist, often working 7 days a week, 15 hours per day.

One morning, around the turn of the century, Rose found a basket at the front door of the Mews, which is now the Reception Desk. In the basket, was a newborn baby boy and a letter. A vaudevillian couple traveling through the Muskoka area had just had the baby. With no steady work and few prospects, the couple decided that they could not provide for the baby and left him on Rose Cookson's doorstep. Without a second thought, Rose took the baby in, and raised him as her own. She named him Joe Cookson.

After telling me this story, Joe started to cry. It was very obvious that he loved this woman very much. 
To be continued .... 

Condo Corp Corner

Here is a new feature we thought might contribute to the neighbourliness and community spirit of Grandview.  

Do you know of events/activities/news that your Condo Corp is involved in?  You are invited to post it below so we can all know more about each other.

Bayside  (MCC 16) - For Earth Day, April 22, 2017, Bayside Owners were invited to pitch in and spend a few hours beautifying the grounds around their Condos.

Forest Glen (MCP 33) - Owner Bob Sportun is a man with a mission.  For the last six months, Bob has been encouraging all Grandviewites to deposit their empty wine, beer and liquor bottles in his special bin at the garbage drop off.  Bob returns the bottles to the LCBO for cash which he donates to the Huntsville Hospital.  So far, Bob has donated over $700.  Way to go, Bob!  We are all proud of you.

Click the link below to let everyone what your Condo Corp is doing:

Calendar of Upcoming Events

* Book Club - Book Worms Unite!  Anyone interested in joining a Grandview Book Club, please contact Christine Raine at

Yoga  - We can all use a good stretch.  Contact Sharon Monett if you are interested in forming a Yoga Group at

* Golf Club  - Steve Oakley has been running a great morning golf club for years.  In Stevie's own words - "We play Best Ball, $2 per person. Winning team takes all.  Contact Grandview Clubhouse for start times as they change.   Ladies, teens and hackers welcome!  Come one, come all!!!"

* Ladies Golf League - Liz Lister organizes a Wednesday morning Ladies Golf league with lunch afterwards every Wednesday morning starting mid May.  All ladies who enjoy golf, fun and lots of laughs and a good lunch are welcome. Contact me. Liz Lister at

Darts Club  - Rod Guthrie reports that his Darts Club is well attended each week, but there is always room for more.  Everyone is invited to meet at the Mews each Wednesday night.  Email Rod at:

Euchre Night  - 
Plans are underway to organized our first Grandview Euchre Night Saturday night, May 27th.  Anyone interested should contact  Doug Monett: 
Kayaking Club - On the shores of beautiful Fairy Lake, this club is a natural for Grandview.  Let Marsh Smith know if you would like to be part of this group this summer.    Email Marsh at:

This newsletter is sent out to over 300 owners/residents and other people interested in Grandview.  If you have a club, group, or event (etc.) that you think might be of interest, please send the details to the Editor through the link below: 

The Waterfront 
at Grandview

The Journey Begins 

Check here for the latest pictures and videos of the construction progress


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