Virtual Programming: Week 2

Welcome to the Holden Village Art Studio! The studio has a rich history of fostering curiosity, encouraging exploration, and inviting play. All artists, crafters, and creators are invited to experiment among the many mediums, from weaving to painting to re-imagining tie-dye.

In this edition of virtual programming, learn about the grounding philosophy of this incredible workspace. Go behind the scenes of the work it takes to prepare looms and create natural dyes. And enjoy at-home activities designed to stir up creativity and curiosity! 

Join us in slowing down, appreciating the process, and renewing our connection to the act of creation.

The Arts Team
In this edition of Virtual Programming:

  • Blog: "A Sustainable Studio"
  • Video: "Weaving: Day in the Life"
  • Video: "Natural Dye Instructions"
  • Podcast: "A Process of Curiosity"
  • Activity: "Potato Stamps"
  • Activity: "Soy Printing and Dyeing Fabric with Tea"
Read this piece on how the Art Studio is examining sustainability and the importance of process. (Left: natural charcoal created by the Arts team!)
Questions to consider: 
  • In what ways are you practicing sustainability? What practices can you do this week to be more sustainable? 
  • In what ways are you practicing connection and support? What practices can you do this week to be more connected to and supportive of your community? 
  • What are you making this week? In what ways can you focus on the materials and process involved more deeply? 
Go behind the scenes of the the Loom Room with Art Studio Coordinator Kelly Snyder!

Weaving is a beloved tradition at Holden. Everyone, from experts to beginners, can create gorgeous weavings to take home. Learn about how the looms at Holden are prepared, and all of the hard work that goes into making this craft accessible to all!
The Holden Art Studio has a longstanding tradition of creating beautiful explosions of color through tie-dye. As we look for ways to be more sustainable, Holden has been turning towards practices that lower our carbon footprint and go back to the source.

Watch this video on natural dyes to see vibrant natural color bloom from ground marigold flowers!
Listen to Kelly Snyder as she discusses the evolution of processes in the Art Studio.

"We are focusing on curiosity and making space for questioning our practices, processes, and crafts. That fits into our summer theme of Samaritan Traveler of approaching projects without expectation, and allowing the processes to unfold out of curiosity and play. Then we leave with a deeper understanding of the practice, the materials, and ourselves."

~ Kelly Snyder
Activities to do at home!
Thinking out of the box is part of what makes Holden Village such an interesting and rewarding place to create art.

These at-home activities are great ways to reimagine household staples as innovative, sustainable art supplies... like potatoes as stamps, tea as dye, and soy milk as ink!

A great way to remind kids (and yourself) that creativity is boundless.
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