October 2021 • Volume 1, Issue 1
Welcome to MTNA’s new online Business Digest! This quarterly resource provides MTNA members with vital information on the ever-changing business aspects of our professional lives. I am extremely happy to be working with a team of experts involved with the most up-to-date options for improving the business side of our teaching lives.  
My life-long interest in the business challenges facing music teachers has allowed me to give hundreds of presentations across the country and to publish extensively on the topic. I am now honored to be MTNA’s first Business Resources Coordinator.

—Beth Gigante Klingenstein, NCTM

Just a Note: For those who have an interest in the topics below, links are provided at the bottom of many of the Digest articles to take you to various MTNA Business Resources sections of the MTNA website.
In the Spotlight
What Every Independent Music Teacher Should Know About Business Licenses and Zoning Regulations
Heather Smith, NCTM

When launching a music studio, it is important to understand the applicable requirements for business licenses and zoning regulations. Following local zoning laws and acquiring a business license when necessary protects a private studio or commercial school from unwanted fines or closure for noncompliance, so it is wise for us all to be educated on this important topic. Read more
Meet the Entrepreneur
Lynette Zelis and Noteable Notes Music Academy

As music teachers, we have numerous options for our business structure—from an independent studio to a community school of the arts.

The following short video highlights Noteable Notes Music Academy, a multi-instrument, three-location program employing twenty-one teachers, offering private lessons and summer camps, and founded and directed by Lynette Zelis. Watch Video
Technology Tips and Tools
The Best Music Studio Management Applications for Music Teachers
Davis Dorrough, NCTM

Gone are the days of keeping track of financial records in a written ledger. Not only are there valuable accounting apps, we now have online programs developed specifically for music teachers to assist with registrations, auto invoicing, scheduling lessons, payment reminders, communications with parents/students and more. Here are four excellent programs worth considering. Read more
Top Five
MTNA Professional Development Resources
Lynette Zelis, NCTM

Have you checked out these MTNA professional development resources recently? A vast amount of experience and insight is right here at your fingertips. Peruse these pages and come away with new ideas, helpful tools and creative ways to change-up your studio. Read More
Legal Landscape
The Legal Aspects of Teaching During COVID-19

MTNA is leading the way with COVID-related resources designed especially for music teachers. Attorney T. Scott Gilligan has created a number of documents to navigate the legal aspects of teaching during this time. Read More
Resource Gems
Jennifer Walschap, NCTM
Amy Chaplin
With an overabundance of resources on the Internet, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are three valuable resources chosen specifically to assist you in your professional life. Read More
Future Contributions

Would you like to contribute to a future MTNA Business Digest? Do you have a special interest in the business, technology, legal or entrepreneurial sides of teaching? Or do you have any questions you would like addressed in future digests? If so, please send your ideas or questions to [email protected] with Business Digest in the subject line.
Thank You

MTNA offers its thanks to the members of the newly formed Business Resource Network, who will help shape the MTNA Business Digest and the MTNA Business Resources section of the website. 
  • Beth Gigante Klingenstein (coordinator)
  • Amy Chaplin
  • Heather Smith
  • Jennifer Stadler
  • Jennifer Walschap
  • Lynette Zelis
  • Gary Ingle (ex officio)
  • Karen Thickstun (ex officio)