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July 2016
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
What's Happening in Mathematics Education
The Fordham Institute has just released a new publication, Common Core Math in the K-8 Classroom,
in which Jennifer Bay Williams, Ann Duffett, and David Griffin take a close look at how educators are implementing the Common Core math standards in classrooms across the nation. A nationally representative survey of over 1,000 teachers reveals that they are increasingly familiar with the standards and believe that they will benefit students. This document is available online.

Leadership Resources
Professional Learning Opportunities at NCSM in 2016-17!  Mathematics Leadership in a Time of Change: Building Leaders at all Levels

Please join us for one or more events!

What: Phoenix Fall Seminar
Where: Phoenix, AZ
When: October 25, 2016

What: St. Louis Fall Seminar
Where:  St. Louis, MO
When: November 16, 2016

Winter Leadership Academy (NEW)
What:  Winter Leadership Academy
Where: Atlanta, GA
When: December 2-4, 2016

The  NEW Winter Academy will take on the Teaching and Learning Leadership Principle. Threaded throughout all professional learning opportunities will be shifting mindsets and beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics.

What's New at NCSM
Interview with Lucy West & Antonia Cameron
Do you know what Lucy West thinks are non-negotiables with regard to a coaching program?  Find out by viewing ou r latest interview  in  Coaching Corner on the NCSM website. This interview with Lucy West and Antonia Cameron is the latest addition to NCSM's series of interviews with people known in the field of mathematics coaching. A new interview with Maggie McGatha is coming very soon.

Welcome to the July 2016

The NCSM eNews is published monthly. Our goal is to provide the NCSM community with current happenings for both the NCSM organization and mathematics education. Please let us know if you have suggestions for future editions. We hope that you are enjoying your summer and are using this time to reflect on the past academic year, as well as plans for fall.

Babette M. Benken, eNews Editor 
Message from the NCSM President, John Staley 

Continuing the conversation: "How might we" make mathematics more meaningful, relevant, and accessible for ALL students? As you think of your role and the work you do to support the teaching and learning of mathematics, what is your plan to involve families and community partners? As the summer continues, now is the time to establish specific goals and a clear plan to engage parents and community members as active resources to support for learning mathematics. First, consider the resources you will provide-in multiple languages -that help people understand the mathematics that children are learning. Second, consider the opportunities available to partner with faith-based and community organizations that play a role in supporting families and students. How might NCSM better support you in this work? Take a moment and share your thoughts: post http://tinyurl.com/NCSM-MRA, Twitter- #NCSM-MRA. 
Have a great summer.

2017 Horizontal Logo
Nominations Open for the NCSM  Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award

Colleagues across the nation are engaging in significant work to further ideas and passion regarding mathematics leadership and education. Please consider nominating a person you know who has made significant and describable contributions to the field through a dedication and concern for his/her fellow mathematics educators. This person should demonstrate a clear knowledge of mathematics education as well as contributing to the furthering of the stated purposes of NCSM: the interchange of ideas, cooperation with other professional organizations, and leadership in attacking current problems in mathematics curriculum and supervision.  

Please visit the NCSM awards page on the website  to nominate a candidate for this award.

Nominations are open through November 1, 2016.
Call for nominations.
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