December 9, 2022

Long Beach Airport Adds to List of Terminal Improvements, Costs Increase by $12 Million 

City council approved $12 million increase to the cost of the Phase II Terminal Area Improvements project, totaling to $104 million. The Phase II project was approved in 2018, but before much of the work could begin, the COVID-19 pandemic cut into the project’s budget by dramatically reducing passenger activity, which is a major source of revenue for the airport.

Long Beach Airport is now expanding the scope of the improvements, with plans to add a 30-foot-wide video board, upgraded restrooms and new infrastructure to allow skycaps to perform curbside check-in, customized bench seating in the airport’s plaza and the installation of terrazzo flooring to match the flooring of the new ticketing lobby that opened in April.

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City Council, not Community Groups, Could Approve Permanent Parklets Under Revised Rules

City Council is revising a 2018 ordinance that puts neighborhood groups in charge of approving or denying permanent parklets which is expected to return to the City Council in mid-January. The current approval process is ill-defined because it gives veto power to groups like neighborhood associations and does not list who qualifies as a community group.

The new ordinance could include a noticing requirement to the public so they can have an opportunity to weigh in on the application. The Public Works Department would then make a recommendation to approve or deny the application with those receiving community pushback going to the City Council for final approval.

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Special Meeting Scheduled to Gather Input on New Design for Belmont Shore Sign

The Belmont Shore Parking and Business Improvement Area Advisory Commission has been working on a design of new signs that will greet visitors to the Second Street corridor and commissioners believe they’re close to a final version. The new Belmont Shore signs would be installed at either end of Second Street with one at the intersection of Second Street and Bay Shore Avenue and the other at Second Street and Livingston. But before moving forward with the installation, the commission is hosting a special meeting on Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at Fire Station 8 at 5365 Second Street.

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