Welcome to the
Lincoln Summer Arts & Craft Festival
August 14 & 15, 2021
Village Shops & Town Green - Lincoln, NH
Event Dates
& Hours:
August 14 
10am - 5pm
August 15
10am - 4pm
Set Up Hours:
  • Friday 8/13 from 3pm to 8pm
  • Saturday 8/14 from 6am to 9am
All exhibitors must be onsite and booths ready to open by 9:30am
Health & Safety
Castleberry Exhibitors and Staff must adhere to all local and state mandates as well as Safe Social Distancing Guidelines.
Check In
Castleberry Registration is located at the gazebo on the green, next to the parking lot.
All Tents, Canopies or any material used to cover your booth MUST be FIRE RATED  
  • "flame and or fire retardant or flame and or fire resistant."
This is a standard Certification that comes with most canopies.
  • If you have treated your Tent or Canopy with flame retardant spray bring the certification with you to the Show. Please be sure you have some kind of proof with you at the show, that your canopy is fire rated. This could be attached to the canopy (stamped, stitched, printed) or on your carry bag or in the printed documentation that came with the canopy when you purchased it. I suggest you contact the manufacturer and have them email you this proof or certificate.
  • All booths larger than 10'x10' cannot connect their tents together in anyway.
  • All canopies larger than 120 Square Feet must get approval from Chief Ron Beard. Please contact him for permission.
  • (603)348-7250
  • fire@lincolnnh.org
Chief Beard will be onsite inspecting all booths to insure public safety and compliance. Please be sure to contact him ASAP with any questions or canopy size approval.
  • Vehicles may drive into the Village Shops parking lot and may unload along the perimeter of the event space.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to drive onto the grass or inside the event space.
  • DO NOT unload from the road side, block any road signs or driveways.
  • Immediately after unloading Exhibitors must park in designated area - please see signs on site.
  • All booths are on (semi) level grass and pavement.
Caution - Pavement
  • This venue is mostly a parking lot, with booths on either grass or pavement. Please be sure to bring both weights and stakes to secure your booth and canopy. 
  • Exhibitors MUST weigh down canopy and booth.
  • Exhibitor Parking is located in 4 areas - across the street at the Lin-wood School, at Jean's Playhouse behind the Village Shops, Behind the Pemi Valley Moose Tours north of the event, and the municipal lot north of the police Station - please see registration for more details and see signs on site.
  • All Exhibitors must park in designated area during show hours. DO NOT PARK IN PUBLIC PARKING LOT - We must leave the closest parking for our shoppers.
  • Cargo Trailers can be dropped behind the Pemi Valley Moose Tours, just north of the event.
  • No Overnight Parking allowed.
  • Free Coffee & Snacks will be provided on Saturday until 9am. 
  • There are several local convenience stores and many eateries nearby.
  • Portable Toilets & Wash Station are located in the parking lot, across from the south side of the Village Shops.
  • Flush Toilets are located inside the Village Shops.
  • There is NO electricity available at this venue. 
  • There is no ATM on site. There are several banks within .5 mile from event.
  • Security will be on site at 8:00pm on Friday and remain until 6:00am on Saturday. Security will return at 5:00pm Saturday and remain until 7:00am Sunday. 
  • Security is only a deterrent. We are not responsible for loss or damages. 
  • You MUST cover/enclose your booth at closing each day. 
Sales Tax
  • There is no Sales Tax in New Hampshire.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for removing their own garbage.
  • Please DO NOT use Trash Cans on site, these are for our shoppers. Kindly leave all garbage in the dumpster located next to the Portable Toilets, across from the parking lot, near the south side of the Village Shop.
  • Please make sure to clean up after the show, leaving your space as you had found it. 
Rules & Regulations
Important Note to Specialty Food Vendors 
  • We request that all Food Vendors supply Castleberry Fairs with a copy of their own Health Permit or Proof that the food they are sampling or selling is made in an inspected facility. Please send this info to our office ASAP.
  • Please bring with you to the event a copy of all food local or state permits and or licenses to have on site.
  • There is no additional permit fee for this event
Links of Interest
Exhibitor List: Check out who will be at the show.
This link may not yet be active.

Directions: Driving Directions to the event
  • From Route 93 take Exit 32
  • GPS Address: 119 Main Street, Lincoln, NH

Weather: This event is held rain, snow, or shine.

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September 4, 5 & 6 Alton Bay NH
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