September 11, 2020
Navajo Nation 2020 Census Newsletter
Welcome to the NM Native Census Coalition
Dear Navajo Nation Chapters, 

The NM Native Census Coalition is a collaboration of tribes and tribal organizations that have come together to ensure an accurate 2020 Census in New Mexico. The NMNC Coalition is overseen by the NAVA Education Project, an Albuquerque-based nonprofit working to create an informed Indigenous electorate. We are reaching out to introduce our Coalition and support you during Navajo Nation Census Month. We have been working with all tribes in New Mexico and have received the blessing by the Navajo Nation to support.

Currently, the Navajo Nation response rate is at 19.1% and we have 19 days to make sure the Navajo Nation is counted. We realize it is has been difficult because of COVID-19. The support we will provide will be from folks in your communities, as well virtual, keeping in mind social distancing to avoid the virus' spread. 

In order to provide support, we need some help in identifying the point of contact at each Chapter House and your Chapter hours. We also have the following resources available for you on our website at under the Resources tab, which is free for your use:

  • Flyers, social media memes and videos
  • Information about the 2020 Census & its importance to tribes and Indigenous people

We have also created a special section for the Navajo Nation, which has links to downloadable flyers, social memes and a Navajo Nation toolkit. In addition, other resources available include:

In the next few days, our ground support team from your local community will be reaching out to see how we can support, and offer tools and resources to help ensure your Chapter and community gets counted. They can provide you with support with: monitoring response rates, identifying media needs, phone banking or calling local residents to ask them if they need help with the Census, social media engagement, newsletters, signage, talking points for Chapter House meetings, additional WiFi enhancement, and support with your Mobile Assistance Questionnaire (MQA) events by providing or helping to create flyers, or supplying you with outreach items, such as coloring books, masks, tote bags, or gift card incentives.

If there are additional needs, please feel free to contact us and cc our Navajo Nation supervisor Jaime Gloshay at

We look forward to connecting with you soon! And please feel free to join our weekly NM Census Coalition Zoom call every Friday from 10:30 am - Noon. Here is the the information to join:

By phone # 346-248-7799

Meeting ID: 885 2562 0248
Password: tribal

Ahéhee’ nitsaago!

The NM Native Census Coalition (NMNCC) team
Jaime Gloshay, NMNCC Navajo Nation Supervisor
Ahtza Chavez, NAVA Education Project Executive Director
Charlotte Little, NMNCC Pueblo Coordinator
Kim Baca, NMNCC Media Coordinator 
Flyers and social memes available

As mentioned above, we have created flyers, social media memes and other information that is specific to the 2020 Census outreach on the Navajo Nation.

The flyers can be downloaded here.

And please feel free to share any of the memes from our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds.

And please let us know if there are any requests to create something specific for your Chapter House at
Video to help fill out the address portion of the 2020 Census if going online
We have created a step-by-step video to help those without street addresses complete the 2020 Census using GIS or Geographic Information System coordinates from your phone or computer to help provide a more accurate location to a household. You can also download a supplemental flyer to show these steps on paper as well, which can be downloaded at:

Please feel free to email us at for more questions.
The NM Native Census Coalition is a product of the NAVA Education Project.