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The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) has created this newsletter to help keep food buyers informed about local food businesses in the Greater Boston and New England area. Food buyers can include schools, restaurants, wholesale buyers, hotels, grocery stores, farm stands and more.

The newsletter is a bimonthly publication that will inform you about local food producers and what new local food products are available to wholesalers. We will also be informing you about SBN’s food programs and events that are of benefit and interest to you. 

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Local Food Trade Show Registration is Open
Food Buyer registration is now open for the 2021 Local Food and Specialty Crop Trade Show! The 10th Annual Local Food & Specialty Crop Trade Show will be held Virtually on March 16th. 

The Virtual Local Food and Specialty Crop Trade Show offers food buyers the opportunity to connect with local food vendors and stimulate business relationships with the focus on specialty crops, value-added products, meat, dairy and seafood.

Admission is open to food buyers who are interested in Massachusetts or New England-produced food items. 
If you are interested in signing up as a food buyer...
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5 Businesses to Know

Dorchester, Massachusetts
An Uncommon Cookie for the Common Good 
Off Our Rocker Sweet Potato Cookies are plant based, vegan, gluten free friendly and come in 6 fabulous flavors, enjoyed for breakfast, pre or post workout or any time of day healthy snack.
Powered by women over 55 who seek to inspire others to create, believe and make the leap off your rocker! Our craft cookies are baked with soul, wrapped with love and labeled with humor. Our goal, to reach across the aisle to herbivores and carnivores alike! No two palettes, diets, or food trends are alike, however we can promise that our cookies will satisfy them all! A sweet potato cookie a day will rock your day.

For Maximum freshness our cookies should be refrigerated for up to 8 weeks or frozen up to 6 months or simply eat it right away! 
Making Tandoori Cuisine accessible for everyone
Meal Mantra is a line of authentic, all-natural dips, Chutneys and Curry Simmer sauces. Meal Mantra sauces are crafted in small batches with our heirloom family recipes from the creators of Tandoori Cuisine and simmered to perfection. Indian Cuisine is complex and difficult to get right for someone looking to create healthy, flavorful options in the comfort of home. Our mission is to offer easy to do, all natural sauces that take the tedium out of an intricate cuisine yet allow a wonderful culinary exploration.
We use no binders, stabilizers, gums or artificial ingredients. We choose the best ingredients in small batches and take pride in our sauces that distinguish themselves in taste and texture providing a truly unique experience.

Newton, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts
A Natural Hot Sauce that is Handmade in Small Batches
Barry's Hot Sauce is a Cambridge, MA based immigrant-owned company who specialize in producing small batches, all natural and flavor-forward hot sauces. Our mission is to create the best spicy condiments possible so you can make the most out of every meal, while never compromising on flavor or ingredients. All the hot sauces are Vegan friendly with Zero added sugars or preservatives. 

“I've always put hot sauce on everything. So chancing my arm at making my own was just the inevitable next step. I definitely didn't set out to make a 'health conscious' hot sauce, but that's just what I threw into the blender and that's how it turned out. When friends and family kept asking for more... and now here we are!”

Only Local soybeans are used to create Heiwa Tofu

Heiwa Tofu produces super-premium organic tofu with a reasonable price point.

“We started out in a garage bay in downtown Camden, using second-hand equipment and piecing it together... we purchased a building in a highly visible location in Rockport in the spring of 2016. We continue to expand and fine-tune our business with the help of our amazing team and the network of mentors that surround us.”

Rockport, Maine

Westford, Massachusetts
Locally grown mushrooms business that also educates about the fungi
Fat Moon grows organic, gourmet culinary mushrooms for the finest farm stands, CSAs, farmers markets, restaurants, and boutique grocery stores in the greater Boston area. Additionally, we provide kits to grow your own mushrooms and educational programs about mushrooms. We currently grow shiitake, oysters and lions mane mushrooms.
"Like field crops, they require close attention, have nutritional and environmental needs, and are delicious! However they are unlike field crops in that the growing conditions are completely different, unique to the fungus family. With the right climate, they can be grown indoors all year."
Take a virtual tour of Local Fisheries
The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts has worked with 3 local fishing organizations to create a virtual seafood tour experience for food buyers. 

We hope you will watch the tours below to find out how your organization can source more local seafood, as well as meet the men and women working to bring local seafood to eaters across New England. 

Click the pictures to be directed to the Fisheries Tour Video.
Red's Best
Headquartered on the historic Boston Fish Pier, Red’s Best was founded in 2008 to serve fishermen from local coastal communities in the USA. We aggregate catches, networking small boats with proprietary technology to form a large market presence, leveling the global playing field. We sustain the livelihoods of American fishermen while sustaining fisheries for harvest. Red’s Best connects you to your fishermen and tells the story of every catch.
Chatham Harvesters Cooperative
We are a fishermen-owned and operated cooperative that catches and harvests Cape Cod seafood. We aspire to create a thriving local seafood market by developing new audiences and seafood products that ensure fair trade and high quality. By ensuring fair prices for the fishermen, developing new markets for locally caught species, educating the public on how to use the whole animal, and using our collective voice, we create opportunity, negotiate power and empower fishermen.
Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s 
Preservation Trust
The Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust is a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 2011 to: (i) Preserve the historic fishing fleets, communities, and economies of Martha’s Vineyard; (ii) Protect the marine populations and fishing grounds off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard and New England; (iii) Educate the community about its local fisheries.
We hope you like the tours! SBN is working to create more local food content like this for food buyers across New England.
MassGrown Exchange Promotion
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) has created MassGrown Exchange to be a resource for Food Buyers to find local food producers/products. The Exchange is an online platform that facilitates business-to-business connections within our local food system.

200 businesses have registered and 238 products have been listed on the platform. The top 5 product categories appearing in product listings are Value-added, Vegetables, Meat, Fruits, and Dairy products. Fish/seafood and Aquaculture products are also featured on the Exchange. The exchange also has 28 companies that are providing services to food and farm related businesses.
We invite you to visit the MassGrown Exchange webpage, which includes a short video tutorial. For any questions, contact Richard.LeBlanc@mass.gov. For technical issues, contact Joao.Tavares@mass.gov.

About SBN
SBN was founded in 1988 as the nation’s first business trade association with a mission of making business a vehicle for social, environmental, and economic change. SBN’s Local Food Program strives to create a vibrant local food system, ensuring accessibility of healthy food for people of all demographics and economic backgrounds by:

  • Supporting the development of a network of local food, producers, farmers, crafter brewers, restaurants and retailers through events and workshops.
  • Education the general public about the local food system and the benefits of supporting local agriculture and local fisheries.

SBN runs the Local Food and Specialty Crop Trade Show and Annual Boston Local Food Festival every year. Some of our other highlight programs include Eat Local MA Month and the Local Craft Spirits Festival.
Questions or Contacting SBN
Schedule a call with us to find out more about our events and how you can be involved or if you want more information about getting in contact with local food producers.

Elena Klonoski,
Local Food Program Manager
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Local Food Program Coordinator

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