The NE MN Synod Journey
to the
2018 ELCA Youth Gathering 
September 19, 2017
Welcome to the Synod Journey!
I am so excited to have you on the Synod Journey this coming year! This email confirms that you ARE REGISTERED for the Synod Journey!! We are in the process of verifying online and paper forms, but trust that everything we have received from you is in good order! =)

It was a crazy day yesterday watching the online forms fill up so quick! We are full and registration has now closed. We will journey this year with 460 youth and adult leaders from 37 congregations!

Confirmation letters will be mailed to Primary Leaders next week, with lots of information. Below are a few timely updates to get you started!

You are in our prayers as we begin this journey together!

Catherine Anderson
Coordinator of Youth Ministry
Synod Journey Admin Assistant

I want to introduce you to Marilyn Hull, the Administrative Assistant for the Synod Journey! Marilyn will be helping me process registrations, track down forms, send mailings, and other administrative details. When you see emails coming from "Synod Journey" - that is Marilyn - please respond to her as soon as you are able!
Synod Journey Updates

There are three primary ways in which we communicate with leaders throughout the year:
  1. Mailings: There will be 4 mailings throughout the year: a confirmation letter in October, payment reminder in January, payment reminder in April, and final details in May. This mailing goes to Primary Leaders at the address you entered during registration.
  2. Email Updates: If you are receiving this email, you are on the list! If you would like to add additional adult leaders, email with the name, email address, church name and church city.
  3. Facebook Group: We have a closed group titled "NE MN Synod Journey 2018 Adult Leaders." This is a place for the planning team to share timely reminders and updates and for you to share with each other. If you would like to join, search for us and request to join. You are also welcome to add additional adults who should be up to date with info!
Fall Trainings

An expectation of the Synod Journey is that all Adult Leaders registered for the Synod Journey  attend one of the Fall Training events. These training events help prepare you and your group for this rich and meaningful faith experience! Dates/locations are:
October 7: 9:30am - Noon, Virginia
October 8: 2pm - 4:30pm, Brainerd
October 15: 2pm - 4:30pm, Cloquet  

Coffee and light snacks will be provided at each training site. Registration is not required for these free trainings, but is helpful for planning! 
More Information!

Throughout this year, if you have any questions regarding registration, housing or anything else regarding the NE MN Synod Journey or ELCA Youth Gathering, please email Catherine Anderson or call 218-724-4424, ext. 124. There is no question too small!
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