Homestead High School Alumni Newsletter | Monday, October 8, 2018 | Vol. 1
Welcome to The Tartan Review!
Greetings, Highlanders! We are excited to launch our new alumni community, and support a broad network of Homestead High School alumni, connected across geography and spanning generations. Looking forward, we hope to accomplish these three key priorities:

  1. Build a community where you can learn about and connect with other graduates of your alma mater through shared information, opportunities, and events.
  2. Provide a platform for class year representatives and organizers to link their information about upcoming reunions.
  3. Connect those who wish to give back to current students through experiences such as mentoring.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for our alumni community, please contact us !
Alumni Spotlight: Dean Rennicke '78
When you hear the name "Rennicke" there are two things that should come to mind: Mequon & baseball. Dean Rennicke, Homestead Class of 1978, left Mequon for UW-Madison after high school graduation and was drafted to the Los Angeles Dodgers his junior year of college. Seven years later, he returned to the Milwaukee area and began work with an impressive array of organizations, including the Milwaukee Brewers, the Lakeshore Chinooks, and Kapco Manufacturing Inc.

Dean took some time to share news about what he's up to now, listed his Top 5 Fondest High School Moments, and, of course, indulged our question about his favorite walk up song.
Best Wishes to Homestead's Newest Alumni
Join us in welcoming the newest members of our alumni community! Congratulations to Homestead's Class of 2018. Best wishes to you all as you begin to make your mark on the world!

Alumni Nation: What advice would you give to the newest members of our community? Please take a minute to share your sage advice with the Class of 2018!
Video featuring key moments of the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2018
Highlander Highlights
Do you have exciting life news to share? We love to hear about any marriages, births, new jobs, promotions, degrees earned, etc. Let us know what you've been up to so we can include your update in this section of our next Tartan Review.
#TartanThrowback: Homecoming Edition
Groups of festive students are celebrating Homecoming at Homestead High School in the #TartanThrowback photos below. Can you guess the year?? (Correct answer is below.)
Y2K, baby! The above photos are from Homecoming 2000. Ah, what a time to be alive.
Upcoming Events & Reunions
Homestead High School Homecoming Week
October 8-12, 2018

Homecoming Parade
Friday, October 12 @ 4:30 p.m.
Main Street, Thiensville

Homecoming Football Game vs. Slinger
Friday, October 12 @ 7 p.m.

Saturday, October 13 @ 6 p.m.
Tied House, Milwaukee

Weekend of June 7, 2019
Stay tuned for details!
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