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November - December 2017
Dear Readers...

Welcome to Tattered Cover's first "Women Writers" newsletter! We will be highlighting author events, books, and news from women writers of all genres . In this newsletter, you will find everything from children's literature and cookbooks to memoirs and historical fiction. Maybe you'll even discover something new that you never would've noticed before! In fact, take a moment to answer our poll about your favorite genre. The results will be posted in the next "Women Writers" so you can get a feel for what your fellow readers are interested in, and the different types of people brought together by their support of women in the book industry. Every issue will have a new poll so feel free to suggest topics.

Thank you for expressing interest in this project and for giving it a chance before you even see it. Your support means a lot and will help this newsletter continue to grow in content. We have a lot of ideas we can't wait to share them with you!

For example, in the coming months you can expect interviews with female authors! Have any suggestions for what you would like to see in this space? Email us at newsletter@tatteredcover.com .

-- Ashley, Marketing Communications Associate
Photo of the Month: October...
Lisi Harrison, author of the middle grade The Clique series, signs her first adult fiction novel The Dirty Book Club with event host Katie at Tattered Cover Aspen Grove on October 24.

The Dirty Book Club follows M.J. Stark who begins a new life in California after a betrayal from her boss. M.J.'s only company, her elderly neighbor Gloria, suddenly moves to Paris and leaves M.J. a mysterious invitation to a secret club--one that only reads erotic books.

She meets with the three other hand-selected club members, and eventually the four strangers start to divulge the intimate details of their own lives... and as they open up, they learn that friendship might just be the key to rewriting their own stories: all they needed was to find each other first. Find signed copies on shelves now!
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Books to Look For...
on shelves now
of Winter by Isabel Allende
on shelves 11/7
of Marina M. by Janet Fitch
one shelves 11/7
Spineless by Juli Berwald
Earlier this Month...
When she was twenty-seven, Amber Cantorna came out to her family as gay. As the daughter of a  Focus on the Family (a Christian conservative organization) executive, that transparency cost her everything. Cantorna discussed  Refocusing My Family: Coming Out, Being Cast Out, and Discovering the True Love of God on November 1 with the help of her dog Half Pint! See her CPR interview to the right.
On November 2, Jennifer Rose discussed her debut novel  Twins of Orion: The Book of Key , about separated twins who return to their home planet, on opposing sides of a brutal war. Unsure of who to trust in a world of magic, hidden cities, and dragons, the twins must face their childhood fears to stop an immortal being from escaping and continuing his dark mission.  Kirkus Reviews calls the book, "a complex, tightly plotted series opener that should enchant audiences."
Colorado Author Bounces Back After Life Goes Out Of Focus

Amber Cantorna never thought she'd become an LGBT advocate, and admits that 10 years ago if someone had suggested it she would have thought they were crazy. At that time, she says, she was ensconced in what she calls her "Christian bubble" - her...

Read more
Upcoming Events...
Middle Grade Book Talk & Signing
TODAY: Sunday, November 5, 2:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Colorado author Jeannie Mobley will discuss and sign her new historical middle grade novel  Bobby Lee Claremont and the Criminal Element   ($16.95 Holiday House). It's 1923, and 13-year-old Bobby Lee has left his orphanage for Chicago. As he digs for answers in a murder investigation, he discovers the mob, Prohibition, segregation, and a famed jazz band are all pieces of an increasingly dangerous puzzle.
Middle Grade Book Talk & Signing
TODAY: Sunday, November 5, 2:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Colorado author Susan Adrian will discuss and sign  Nutcracked  ($16.99 Random House Books for Young Readers) about a girl named Georgie who has waited her whole life to dance the part of Clara in  The Nutcracker  ballet. As The Nutcracker's magic seeps into the real world and puts Georgie's friend in danger, can Georgie save her friend, the Nutcracker, and most of all, herself?
Memoir Talk & Signing with Live Music
Monday, November 6, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Beloved folk singer Dar Williams will present  What I Found in a Thousand Towns: A Traveling Musician's Guide to Rebuilding America's Communities--One Coffee Shop, Dog Run, and Open-Mike Night at a Time  ($27.00 Basic Books), an impassioned account of the fall and rise of the small American towns she cherishes.
Military History Book Talk & Signing
Tuesday, November 7, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Historian Meredith Hindley will discuss and sign  Destination Casablanca: Exile, Espionage, and the Battle for North Africa in World War II  ($30.00 Public Affairs). Rife with rogue soldiers, power grabs, and diplomatic intrigue,  Destination Casablanca  is the riveting and untold story of this glamorous city--memorialized in the classic film that was rush-released in 1942 to capitalize on the drama that was unfolding in North Africa at the heart of World War II.
Food Science Book Talk & Signing with Chocolate Bar Sampling
Tuesday, November 7, 7:00 pm, Historic LoDo

Megan Giller, a Brooklyn-based writer and editor with strong connections to the food world, will discuss and sign  Bean-To-Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution: The Origins, the Makers, and the Mind-Blowing Flavors  ($19.95 Storey Publishing). In this book, Giller invites fellow chocoholics on a fascinating journey through America's craft chocolate revolution.
Young Adult Book Talk & Signing
Tuesday, November 7, 7:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Author Laura Hopper will discuss and sign her debut young adult novel  I Never  ($17.99 Houghton Mifflin), inspired by Judy Blume's classic 
Forever . Seventeen-year-old Janey King's priorities used to be clear: track, school, friends, and family. But when Janey's parents get divorced, her world starts to shift. Back at school, Luke Hallstrom, an adorable senior, pursues Janey, and she realizes that she has two new priorities to consider: love and sex.
Memoir Talk & Signing
Thursday, November 9, 7:00 pm, Historic LoDo

Acclaimed opera singer Charity Tillemann-Dick will discuss and sign her inspiring memoir The Encore: A Memoir in Three Acts  ($26.00 Atria Books). Tillemann-Dick received not one but two double lung transplants and went from struggling to draw a single breath to singing at the most prestigious venues in the world.
Birthday Celebration, Author Talk & Signing
Thursday, November 9, 6:30 pm, Aspen Grove

We're delighted to host Janet Fitch on her birthday! Fans and first-time readers are invited to join us for a special evening and birthday celebration with Janet Fitch, the mega-bestselling author of  White Oleander  and
  Paint it Black . We’ll mix and mingle with wine and cake beginning at 6:30 pm, where guests can meet fellow book lovers and pick up book club reading lists. Then at 7:00 pm, Janet Fitch will present her new novel  The Revolution of Marina M.  ($30.00 Little Brown and Company), an epic, mesmerizing story of one indomitable woman's journey through some of the most dramatic events of the last century. Registration available NOW!
Romance Book Talk & Signing
Friday, November 10, 7:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Local author Danica Favorite will discuss and sign her new Christmas-time romance novel  Mistletoe Mommy  ($5.99 Love Inspired Historical). Widower Luke Jeffries needs a mother for his three young children. When he meets Nellie McClain at the mail-order-bride agency, Luke thinks his problems are solved, but they've only just begun. 
Speculative Fiction Book Talk & Signing
Saturday, November 11, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Connie Willis, bestselling author of  CrossTalk  and a Grand Master of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, will discuss and sign  A Lot Like Christmas: Stories  ($17.00 Del Rey Books), which features twelve brilliantly reimagined holiday tales, five of which are collected here for the first time. Brimming with Willis's trademark insights and imagination, these heartwarming tales are full of humor, absurdity, human foibles, tragedy, joy, and hope.
LGBT+ Book Talk & Signing
Monday, November 13, 7:00 pm, Historic LoDo

Editor Marilyn Schuster will discuss and sign  A Queer Love Story: The Letters of Jane Rule and Rick Bebout  ($39.95 UBC Press).  A Queer Love Story  presents the first fifteen years of letters between Jane Rule - novelist and the first widely recognized "public lesbian" in North America - and Rick Bebout, journalist and editor with the Toronto-based Body Politic, an important incubator of LGBT+ thought and activism. 
Classical Music Book Talk & Signing
Monday, November 13, 7:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Music historian Betsy Schwarm has worked in classical music for over twenty years as a radio announcer/producer, university professor of music, and pre-concert speaker. Schwarm will discuss and sign  Classical Music Insights: Bach and Beyond   ($22.00), a user-friendly survey of music of the Baroque Era, particularly Bach, but also Handel, Vivaldi, and over two-dozen others.
Mystery Book Talks & Signings
Tuesday, November 14, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Jennifer Kincheloe, author of the Colorado Gold Award-winning  The Secret Life of Anna Blanc , will discuss and sign  The Woman in the Camphor Trunk: An Anna Blanc Mystery ($15.95 Seventh Street Books). Cynthia Kuhn, author of the Agatha Award-winning  The Semester of Our Discontent , will present and sign  The Art of Vanishing   ($15.95 Henery Press). Barbara Nickless, author of the Colorado Book Award-winning  Blood on the Tracks , will discuss and sign  Dead Stop  ($15.95 Thomas & Mercer).
Fantasy Book Talk & Signing
Tuesday, November 14, 7:00 pm, Historic LoDo

Victorian London is a place of fluid social roles, vibrant arts culture, fin-de-siecle wonders, and dangerous underground diabolic cults. Author Molly Tanzer will discuss and sign  Creatures of Will and Temper  ($16.99 John Joseph Adams/Mariner Books), which Diana Gabaldon, author of the 
Outlander  series, calls "an artful, witty, Oscar Wilde pastiche with the heart of a paranormal thriller."
Nonfiction Book Talk & Signing
Thursday, November 16, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Award-winning writer Helen Thorpe will discuss and sign  The Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship, and Hope in an American Classroom  
($28.00 Scribner Book Company), a powerful and moving account of how refugee teenagers at a Denver public high school learn English and become Americans.  The Newcomers  follows the lives of twenty-two immigrant teenagers throughout the course of the 2015-2016 school year as they land at South High School in Denver, Colorado.
Poetry Reading & Signing
Thursday, November 16, 7:00 pm, Historic LoDo

Poet and teacher Mary Jo Bang will read from and sign   A Doll for Throwing  ($16.00 Graywolf Press). In this book, Bang's prose poems create a speaker who had been a part of the Bauhaus school in Germany a century ago and who had also seen the school's collapse when it was shut by the Nazis in 1933. She will be joined by one of her former students, Indian poet Aditi Machado, who will read from  Some Beheadings , her first full-length collection of poetry. 
Picture Book Talk & Signing
Thursday, November 16, 7:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Motivational speaker, author, and Colorado Book Award winner Nancy Sharp will discuss and sign  Because the Sky is Everywhere  ($10.99), a picture book which helps children deal with the death of someone close to them. This event is in collaboration with Mental Health Colorado in honor of Childhood Grief Awareness Day.
Political Science Book Talk & Signing
Friday, November 17, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro will discuss and sign  The Least Among Us: Waging the Battle for the Vulnerable   ($25.95 New Press). For twenty-five years, DeLauro has been fighting for everyday Americans, earning a reputation as the most impassioned defender of our social safety net.  The Least Among Us  tells the story of a quarter century of deal-making on behalf of people too often overlooked, told by a woman as fearless as she is opinionated.
Cookbook Talk & Signing
Friday, November 17, 7:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Vanessa Spina, also known as the  Ketogenic Girl , will discuss and sign  Keto Essentials   ($34.95 Victory Belt), which breaks down the science behind the keto diet into an easy-to-digest, step-by-step guide to understanding and following a keto lifestyle. 
Cookbook Talk & Signing
Saturday, November 18, 1:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Cooking instructor Barbara Stafford has assembled her favorite collection of small plates and dessert recipes in a colorful cookbook. Stafford will discuss and sign  Eclectic Entertaining: Small Plates and Dainty Desserts  ($30.00), which includes an enticing blend of recipes that cooks will be excited to try, from Lemon Lavender Burrata to Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms to Mini Molten Chocolate Cakes. 
Mystery Thriller Book Talks & Signings
Monday, November 20, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Emily Littlejohn will discuss and sign  A Season to Lie: A Detective Gemma Monroe Mystery   ($25.99 Minotaur Books), the follow-up to her acclaimed debut  Inherit the Bones , about a twisted killer stalks his prey in the dead of winter. Against a backdrop of bleak winter weather, stymied by those who would lie to protect what is dearest to them, Gemma hunts a ruthless killer before he strikes again. This event also features local author Kevin Wolf who will present and sign his second novel Brokeheart ($14.99 North Star Editions), about a reporter who moves to the mining town Brokeheart and is troubled by of mysterious deaths.
A Book Launch Party as Part of Indies First Day
Saturday, November 25, 2:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Jessica Brody, the local author of  A Week of Mondays  and  Addie Bell's Shortcut to Growing Up , will discuss and sign her young adult novel  The Chaos of Standing Still   ($17.99 Simon Pulse). Over the course of one chaotic night stranded at the Denver airport, Ryn confronts her shattered past thanks to the charm of romance, the uniqueness of strangers, and the magic of ordinary places.
Healthcare Book Talk & Signing
Tuesday, November 28, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, president and CEO of the Medical Group Management Association,   will discuss and sign  Back to Balance: The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine   ($25.95 Disruption Books), a prescription to fix health care for everyone. In this highly engaging, thoroughly persuasive book, Dr. Fischer-Wright presents a unique prescription for fixing America's health care woes, based on her thirty years of experience as a physician and industry leader. 
YA Book Talk & Signing
Tuesday, November 28, 7:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Mindy McGinnis, award-winning author of  The Female of the Species  
and  A Madness So Discreet , will discuss and sign her new young adult mystery  This Darkness Mine   ($17.99 Katherine Tegen Books). After meeting a mysterious boy who seems to know her and learning she absorbed her twin in the womb, Sasha is armed with the knowledge that her heart might not be hers alone. Now she must decide what she's willing to do and who she's willing to hurt to take it back.

We are thrilled to welcome acclaimed chef and author Deb Perelman to the Tattered Cover for her new book  Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites ($35.00 Knopf). Written with Deb's trademark humor and gorgeously illustrated with her own photographs,  Smitten Kitchen Every Day  is filled with what are sure to be your new favorite things to cook. Tickets available NOW!

(Customers without a ticket may access the line after all Tattered Cover ticketed customers.)
Staff Book Reviews...
On shelves now...
by Amy Reed

"Reading  The Nowhere Girls  took me back to everything I felt growing up. I remember so distinctly the insecurity and discomfort of trying to be a young woman the 'right' way, and reading this book made me want to reach back through time and offer it to myself at fifteen. Amy wrote the stories and lessons that I've spent nearly 15 years trying to learn in 400 pages. A story to help me understand not only the feelings I was beginning to experience, but also the flaws in the way I was being taught to feel about those experiences. I am so grateful, and I am so thrilled to be able to share it with more people, men and women, young and old." -- Sam Foster, Gift Buyer
On shelves now
by Caitlin Doughty

"I was mostly a fiction reader until I came across Caitlin Doughty's first book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. That book was one hell of an intro in the world of memoir. In it, Doughty navigates her way through the 'death' industry as a young woman. She's come a long way since then. Now, In From Here to Eternity , Doughty has travelled the world to study death rituals from around the globe in order to expose death-phobic Americans to how other cultures handle the inevitable. Her experiences aren't like many others, but her writing is still relatable and funny. I'm learning things I didn't know I wanted to know. Her books aren't bogged down with jargon, but they aren't exactly watered down either. This is a mortician who knows how to write a good book that anyone can enjoy." - Ashley Lyons, Marketing Communications Associate
On shelves now
by Elizabeth George

"The 19th in the Lynley series of mysteries, DI Lynley and DS Havers once again come up against seemingly incomprehensible clues to a twisted crime with side plots galore. First-class whodunit. Elizabeth George is a master at concocting complex novels with multiple layers and an extensive cast of characters. As complicated as her books may be, the author’s skill at maintaining clarity makes them a pleasure to read, with surprises coming often and endings that never fail to satisfy. She gets my recommendation without reservation." -- Eric Boss, special to Tattered Cover
On shelves now
by Ariel Levy

"In 2013, journalist Ariel Levy's essay about giving birth to a baby who only lived for a few minutes was published in The New Yorker and shortly thereafter went viral! The Rules Do Not Apply is not only an extension of that essay, but a candid peek into a marriage and a woman writer finding her way in a male-centric world. Ariel Levy has some powerful writing chops. Her sense of humor and unapologetic grief is something to be admired. I am a better woman for having read this book." - Stephanie Coleman, Director of Buying     
On shelves now
by Mary Gaitskill

"Edgy, glittering, wise, humane -- in her first collection of nonfiction, Gaitskill takes on 'the other side' of taste, faith, date rape, child-rearing, and kink with a balance and broad-mindedness I found disorienting and refreshing. Guest stars include the Talking Heads, Vladimir Nabokov, Laurel Nakadate, Celine Dion, and Linda Lovelace. 'Lost Cat: A Memoir' was my favorite piece in the bunch; in it, Gaitskill explores the gradations and aberrations of love, both human and animal. Also, who knew that this title comes from Chekhov's 'Gooseberries?' 'At the door of every contented, happy man somebody should stand with a little 
hammer, constantly tapping, to remind him that unhappy people exist, that however happy he may be, sooner or later life will show him its claws.' Gaitskill's newest is such a hammer for us all." -- Lainie Formby, Colfax Bookseller
Mortician Explores Cultures' Many Paths For 'Sacred...

When Sandra Daugherty's father died unexpectedly at 73, there was no plan. The only thing the family knew was what Grady Ross Daugherty didn't want. "He was really freaked out about cement liners," said Sandra. "Like this Tupperware container...

Read more
'I Was Somebody's Mother': Reflections On The Guilt And...

New Yorker staff writer Ariel Levy was five months pregnant when she went to Mongolia on assignment. Her doctor had cleared her for travel, and she was excited to pursue one last adventurous story before settling down with an infant.

Read more
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