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While our guess is that another monthly e-newsletter probably isn't on your list of absolute must-haves for 2016, we hope you'll take a minute or two to check out the first edition of our own Yoswein NY take on a "month in review" e-newsletter: The YNY Monthly Nosh. 
As our friends and colleagues certainly know about us, we've always had a slightly different approach to the business of public affairs and government relations. Our goal is that this brief monthly update really does reflect our unique perspective, our passion, our enthusiasm and why we absolutely love what we do; and of course, our steadfast respect for government and process.
The Monthly Nosh will be serving up small slices of life at YNY, highlighting interesting stories from the amazing clients we're so honored to represent, and even sharing some of the things we liked and didn't like from the past 30 days (a.k.a., the Kvell of the Month and the Kvetch of the Month).
Who knows? Perhaps we'll share something that makes you smile...or helps facilitate a future business connection...or convinces you to buy tickets to a great new show...or maybe even just inspires you in some small way. 
Here's hoping you have a Happy and Healthy 2016!

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Joni A Yoswein
NYC Outward Bound's 
College Marches Become  
National Inspiration   

On Friday, December 11th, hundreds of seniors at NYC Outward Bound's public high schools across the five boroughs marched their college applications from their schools to a nearby post office or mail truck while the rest of their school community cheered them on.
This now-annual NYC Outward Bound Schools' event was mentioned in Mayor de Blasio's State of Education address and President Obama's 2014 State of the Union address and now has also started to spread across the nation.  YNY has proudly represented NYC Outward Bound Schools for more than a decade and we are delighted that this powerful ritual is helping to spread a college-going culture nationwide and sending the message that when schools provide the right environment for success, college can be accessible for all.

The college march was covered by Mashable, News 12 and New York 1 - check it out and prepare to be inspired!
YNY Hosts Meet & Greet with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie
In early December, Yoswein New York was honored to have the opportunity to introduce a number of friends, colleagues and clients to New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie at a Meet & Greet Breakfast at Joni's home.  The event - which was attended by leaders of a diverse range of not-for-profits, cultural institutions and business groups - offered Speaker Heastie the opportunity to share some of the major challenges and opportunities facing the Assembly in the coming 2016 session and included a vibrant and productive dialogue on issues from education to economic development in New York State.  Keep an eye out for upcoming Meet & Greets at YNY in 2016 with other NY City and State leaders.
You might have missed this...
Joni's brother Rick sent along this story of a Facebook post by a wounded British soldier:  " Amputee soldier's heartfelt Muslim Facebook post goes viral."  

Sometimes a little real life perspective can go a long way (especially these days).
But don't miss this...  
The New Victory Theater - New York City's only premier performing arts venue devoted to kids and families - is celebrating its 20th anniversary this season and will be hosting an amazing and important production this March:  FLY.  
FLY is a theatrical action-adventure that beautifully employs dance and video projection to illuminate the tremendous courage and resilience of the Tuskegee Airmen. This inspirational story about the history of America's first black military airmen will feature talk-backs with the performers and the creative team following select showings, and is accessible to all, with tickets starting at just $15. For more details, visit The New Victory Theater's website .
Kvell of the Month: GOT BOOKS? 
YNY's Books Still Matter Donates Thousands of Children's Books in Brooklyn
"Books Still Matter" is a YNY philanthropic initiative that each holiday season collects and donates thousands of new children's books to families in Brooklyn public housing developments.  The hope is that "Books Still Matter" can play even just a small part in helping to close the literacy gap for NYC school kids and fostering a life-long love of reading.  While technologies such as tablets and smart phones certainly have a place in children's lives, we are unabashedly old-school in our focus on creating a love of good old fashioned printed, hard copy books...books that children can hold, feel, smell and call their very own.  If you have new children's books to donate or would like to suggest new distribution partners, please call Shaneek Smith at 212-233-5700.

PS:  For those of you who donated books at this year's YNY "Latke Appreciation Night," thank you for your incredible generosity!
Kvetch of the Month: Stop referring to Martin Shkreli as a Brooklynite
Brooklyn can take credit for lots of amazing things - from Junior's cheesecake and Nathan's hot dogs to Barbra Streisand and Shirley Chisholm - but it's time for the press to stop referring to recently-arrested, lowlife hedge funder/pharma chief/ponzi schemer Martin Shkreli as a Brooklynite.  Sure, he may originally be from Sheepshead Bay, but he has since moved out of the borough and, quite frankly, his actions aren't befitting of the "Brooklynite" moniker that so many of us wear so proudly.

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