Spring 2020
Welcome to the first edition of the ICATT Educators Newsletter!

The purpose of this newsletter is to share information with our high school partners throughout the school year. This information will include what the ICATT Apprenticeship Program is doing to share this opportunity with students, what high schools are doing to communicate this career opportunity to their students, tips on helping students as they explore this career path, and our new events page to share your events with our network.
We would appreciate your input and feedback about the content, particularly suggestions for the HS section, we don’t want to miss highlighting efforts you are making that other high schools could use or adapt that help your students as they choose and enter their career path after high school.

ICATT Apprenticeship Program News and Activity
Getting Creative to Reach Students During the Pandemic
The ICATT team has been making adjustments to meet the challenges of communicating this opportunity to high school students during the pandemic shut down. Since we cannot visit with your classes in person, we have the following options:

·     Virtual Outreach Page – which includes an ICATT Web Quest career exploration activity. 
·     Virtual Info Sessions  – We can arrange to host a live online presentation with your class or specific group of students. Please reach out to Lee Wickham to set up a time to meet.
We look forward to expanding the offerings on this page including more Web Quests and others ideas you may have for students to explore this career opportunity.
High School News and Activity
Maine Township High School District releases documentary short about current ICATT Apprentice
As demonstrated in this video created by his alma mater, Maine Township High School District, Konrad Ryk is living proof of how apprenticeships can empower hands-on learners to find successful careers. Konrad began his apprenticeship this fall at Herrmann Ultrasonics and attends Elgin Community College. If you and your students want to hear directly from successful apprentices like Konrad, contact Lee Wickham to arrange a video conference!

Career Preparations for Students
Get Ready for Online Interviewing
ICATT Companies are still hiring apprentices for Fall 2020 and are implementing virtual interviewing to meet the challenge of social distancing guidelines. The ICATT Applicant Handbook has some tips on page 4 about virtual interviewing to help students prepare for this change.  

Network News
New Events Calendar added to ICATT Apprenticeship Program Website
We hope that the ICATT Events Calendar will enable greater cooperation among company, college, and high school partners, especially during the virus outbreak. While physical events may be canceled, virtual events are popping up across our network to address the common challenges we face right now. The calendar allows you to submit your own events that you would like to open up to the larger ICATT Network. For questions about how to add your events, contact Myriam Klein .

Resources Outside the Network
High-tech Resume Option
Applicant Advantage offers an alternative to the traditional resume. Some of our network high schools are already using this format to help their students highlight their projects from classes, activities, and clubs in a more relevant way. 

Special Education Resource for Chicagoland
Many of you counsel a wide variety of students with varying needs. Chicago Home Tutor provides specialized academic services for diverse learners (students with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, etc.). They are providing virtual special education support while there is an active stay at home order. Visit their website or call (312)622-1494.

Contact us for more information
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Lee Wickham
ICATT Applicant Outreach Coordinator

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