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Issue 1 October 2015
Welcome to the launch issue of the OEM Newswire.
This communication is designed to provide you with the latest news from the OEM Division of SIGMA Corporation.  We will feature live customer projects, profiles of key team members and technical insights from our experienced team of engineers and sourcing specialists.  If you would like to be featured in a future issue of OEM Newswire, please contact us at

Michael Weller , General Manager SIGMA OEM
SIGMA OEM Announces Partnership with Sandmark Global
Last month, SIGMA OEM,announced a new relationship with Sandmark Global, a leading provider of sourcing and contract manufacturing services to customers in North America and Europe.   The partnership involves the integration of Sandmark's sales, sourcing and technical resources with SIGMA OEM's operations, headquartered in Cream Ridge, NJ.  The new relationship is expected to lead to an expansion of product offerings and improved services for both SIGMA and Sandmark customers.
Reduce Your Castings Stress with SIGMA OEM
Stress relieving enables castings to maintain dimensional stability through their useful life. SIGMA OEM can offer stress relieving on gray iron castings if customers require it. This process combats the effects of stress in castings caused by different cooling rates throughout various parts of the casting. This issue results from complex geometry with varying thicknesses and curvatures. Stress relieving is especially important if machining operations are required post-casting, with sub-thousands (of an inch) tolerances in relational dimensions between features. (Read more)
Meet the Team: Mark Bender
Mark joined the OEM team in 2015, bringing with him 40 years of experience in the manufacturing sector.  Prior to his arrival at SIGMA OEM, Mark consulted for several companies, and co-founded Sandmark Global almost a decade ago.  He has also served as VP/General Manager of Viasystems, the world's largest printed circuit board manufacturer, and has expertise sourcing products for a wide array of industries, including the power transmission, electrical and electronics markets.  Mark has an MBA from Loyola University, Baltimore, and enjoys a golf handicap of 10.
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