Introducing the new and improved Boxt
We are excited to announce the new version of Boxt and the new ^^^ Logo

After significant investment in technology and development, we released the new Boxt to Beta testing at the end of September. For more than a month we've gotten lots of great feedback from our prep center users and big and small sellers alike. They love the speed and efficiency gains.

Boxt has always focused on making your prep and packing more efficient. From the beginning, we designed it to be touch-screen friendly and minimize the number of clicks required to pack and track products inbound to Amazon's fulfillment network as well as meeting Amazon's box contents requirement.
With the new version of Boxt we've made a lot of improvements:

  • Speed! Fast navigation and faster updates when packing from more than one workstation.  Automatic syncing! Seamless navigation when moving between shipments and boxes.

  • More printing options. We now support Zebra ZPL printing on standard 3x1 label sizes as well as Dymo 30334 style labels. Printer options are now saved with the workstation rather than the user. No need to re-save them when packing for different customers.

  • Visual cues when items are packed or moved by other workstations. Items are greyed out when they fall off the Unpacked list and magically appear in Boxes when they are packed by others workstations.

  • Improved Copy Box flow. By default we show you how many exact copies can be made from the current box. If an exact copy cannot be made we allow you to perform a partial copy if items have unpacked quantity. When you copy box contents we copy the box dimensions and weights for you.

  • Prevent entry of expiration dates < 90 days in the future. Prevent feed errors and soon-to-expire items from being shipped in violation of Amazon policy.

  • Team packing history. Set team goals and monitor warehouse efficiency with the new Boxt Pack History report.

Boxt is available in the following marketplaces: US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, and AU
You may continue to use the old Boxt by clicking on the Boxt menu and selecting "ORIGINAL BOXT"
Boxt Holiday Contest
We are giving away 10 Bluetooth/USB barcode scanners to celebrate!

Tell us what you like about the new Boxt by sending email to [email protected] or leave a review on the Marketplace App store in Seller Central and you'll be entered to win.

We will announce the winners live on our FB Page Thursday 12/19/2019.

We're already working on new features and here's one I'm excited to announce.

Often shipments are created in Seller Central or outside of ScanPower with expiration dates and you want those dates in Boxt - either to print on FNSKU or 2D labels or for box contents feeds.

  • Our new shipment import flow will import expiration dates if they are present!

Happy Holidays!
Paul, Zak, and Phil
If you have any questions please contact us: [email protected]