Our new name and logo better represent our modernized and integrated water resource planning approach for El Dorado County. The new brand represents the diverse landscape of our county, including much of our state’s headwaters that store our water supply as snowpack, as well as the El Dorado National Forest and rural agriculture. Features include elements that highlight our innovative water resource planning efforts to support the County’s General Plan vision for economic development, environmental protection, and quality of life for all residents.

We have been a leader in county-wide and statewide water planning for more than 60 years. Our planning efforts have secured and adapted the region’s water supply, infrastructure, and management to support changing and evolving demand brought on by drought, climate change, agricultural needs, and other circumstances. The development of our new brand demonstrates our ongoing commitment to lead water planning efforts that provide efficient solutions for the entire county, in collaboration with the county, rural agriculture and urban communities, environmental interests and other stakeholders.

As reinforced in our 2019 Water Resources Development and Management Plan, our forward-thinking approach continues to emphasize collaboration and coordinated implementation to ensure the reliability of El Dorado County’s water supply for the present and future.