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February 2024 | Edited by Aisha Jamil

Welcome to the New Era of the JPLI Newsletter!

With a fresh design and a renewed focus, the Judges and Psychiatrists Leadership Initiative (JPLI) newsletter is evolving to foster a deeper connection with our dedicated readers and the wider community. Our transition to a bimonthly schedule allows us to deliver more targeted content, engage in meaningful dialogue, and provide a platform for professional development. Here is what to expect in each issue:

  • Community Spotlight: Each edition will feature an influential judge and psychiatrist, showcasing their contribution.
  • Interactive Engagement: We are bringing you closer to the conversation with interactive polls and opportunities to take action.  
  • Training and Resources: Stay informed about upcoming trainings and find resources to help you stay at the forefront of the field.  

The Latest

Nominations Are Open for the 2024 Judge Stephen S. Goss Memorial Awards 

This May, JPLI will present the fourth annual Judge Stephen S. Goss Memorial Awards to one judge and one psychiatrist who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership. To nominate a judge or psychiatrist who has worked to improve the lives of people with behavioral health needs in the justice system, complete this application by end of day, March 15, 2024. 

Excellence in Action

WATCH: The Importance of Certified Peer Support Workers to learn more about Judge Lidyard’s work. 

Judge Jason Lidyard, 1st Judicial District, Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Judge Jason Lidyard was appointed as a District Court judge in April 2018 and has worked to improve outcomes for people with behavioral health needs in the justice system for many years. As a trial judge, he has leveraged connection to community as a healing factor for participants in the treatment court he oversees. Judge Lidyard often partners with community-based organizations to ensure that participants can connect with other people who have lived experience and are actively engaged in recovery. His commitment to meeting the participants in his court while highlighting their strengths and capacity to heal has positively impacted both participants and collaboration partners. 

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Publications, Resources, and Support

2023 Annual Report and Recommendations

The Committee on Revision of the Penal Code recently released its 2023 Annual Report, describing the committee’s work and 10 recommendations for the upcoming legislative cycle. 

View Report

Intellectual, Developmental, and Physical Disabilities in U.S. Legal Settings

This research report from RAND Corporation explores the experiences of people with a variety of disabilities navigating the civil and criminal justice systems in the U.S.

View Report

Judges’ Guide to Mental Health Diversion

This new guide from the National Judicial Task Force to Examine State Courts’ Response to Mental Illness is intended to help courts and judges implement diversion strategies for people with behavioral health needs in their communities. 

Editor’s Note: Visit Propelling Change to learn about the CSG Justice Center’s national call to action for local prosecutors to foster equitable connections to community-based care. 

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Sharing the Load: How to Empower and Leverage Diverse Expertise to Expand First Response 

Featuring insights from pioneers like Chief John Moon of Freedom House, this webinar will also include a panel discussion highlighting the efforts that Expanding First Response Commission members have been taking to enact community responder programs across the U.S.


Six Lessons Learned for Advancing Racial Equity at the Intersection of Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health

This webinar will feature a panel discussion on ways to promote racial equity within the nexus of criminal justice and behavioral health.


Upcoming JPLI Trainings

Judicial Work at the Interface of Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice 

Supreme Court of Illinois Judicial College and the Special Supreme Court Advisory Committee for Justice and Mental Health Planning 

April 10, 2024 

1:00–4:15 p.m. CT 

Dr. Michael Champion and Judge Steven Leifman will be presenting during the 2024 Education Conference. 

The Judges and Psychiatrists Leadership Initiative is a partnership of the CSG Justice Center and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation, funded by Janssen Charitable Contributions to create a community of judges and psychiatrists, increase the reach of trainings, and develop educational resources.

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