Third eHUBS Newsletter | 14 December 2020
Welcome to the third eHUBS Newsletter
Dear readers,

Welcome to the third issue of our eHUBS newsletter! 

The eHUBS project is now halfway and is proud to present the first eHUBS on the streets of Nijmegen, Arnhem and Leuven. The other pilot cities (Amsterdam, Manchester, Dreux and Kempten) will follow soon in spring 2021. All partners have worked hard to achieve this result, and despite the complications brought by COVID, the project is progressing well.

The project has also been working on different activities, which will support the deployment of eHUBS in cities in North-West Europe and beyond.

We have developed a common visual identity for eHUBS and drafted many practical reports that will be useful for other cities and mobility providers, interested in getting involved in the implementation of eHUBS. A wide range of subjects were explored: the state-of-the-art of shared e-mobility; technical and functional requirements of eHUBS; a joint methodology to select locations for eHUBS; strategic and operational plans for eHUBS by pilot cities; a set of 10 recommendations for a wide uptake of shared electric mobility hubs; a prototype of a Service Level Agreement between a city and a shared mobility provider; and five prototypes of business models for eHUBS.

Finally, the project also actively contributed to a standard API (TOMP, Transport Operators to MaaS Providers) that facilitates integration of shared mobility in MaaS-apps.

I am very happy with the project's results up until now, but the work is not finished yet! The eHUBS partners will continue the work to make sure that more and more shared electric mobility options become available, as a viable alternative for the private car.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

On behalf of the consortium,

Arjen Rodenburg
Project manager eHUBS
Nijmegen and Arnhem launch their first eHUBS
Harriët Tiemens (Alderwoman for the Municipality of Nijmegen and chairwoman of the Mobility Portfolio for the Arnhem-Nijmegen Region) inaugurated the first eHUBS in Arnhem and Nijmegen on 15 June 2020.

Leuven inaugurates its first eHUBS at the Car-free day
The Belgian city of Leuven launches its eHUBS at the presence of Lydia Peeters, the Flemish Minister of Mobility, on 27 September 2020.

The eHUBS project launches its visual identity and branding strategy
A recognisable logo and a set of shared mobility icon have been designed by the project to allow for a uniform brand identity for the shared and electric mobility hubs.

eHUBS explores users’ attitudes and travel behaviour towards shared micro-mobility through a questionnaire survey
Newcastle University designed an online questionnaire survey with the aim of exploring people’s travel behaviour, as well as their attitudes towards, and intentions to use eHUBS.

Thanks to the Belgian eHUBS partner Taxistop, Wavre will provide its citizens with a network of eHUBS. With more cities to follow!

Belgium's Flanders Region will invest more than €100 mln on mobility hubs
Lydia Peeters, Mobility Minister of the Flanders Region in Belgium, announces a massive investment 100€ Million to install eHUBS throughout Flanders.

The eHUBS concept and the connection of different modes in a MaaS landscape. A webinar by eHUBS
Did you miss the eHUBS webinar that provided an introduction to the project and showcased the digital side of eHUBS? You can read the main takeways and watch the full recording here.

eHUBS featured at a number of mobility events in fall 2020
Take a look at the events and conferences attended by eHUBS partners in the last months.
City in the spotlight:
Leuven has deployed its first set of eHUBS in September 2020. However, eHUBs is only one of the several EU-funded projects in which the Flemish city participates. Read this interview with Tim Asperges, transport policy adviser for the City of Leuven where he explains how cities can capitalise from the participation to European projects.

Upcoming events
eHUBS webinar: "How to plan your own eHUB"
15 December 2020
Shared Mobility Rocks
3-4 March 2021

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