Star of the Week

@hanaabenabdesslemArab Top Fashion model, has walked the catwalk for numerous Haute Couture designers,  prominent photographers, and is featured in high-end fashion Magazines around the world. She's the face of Lancome, her  image and name have become a brand recognized internationally. She's making her family, country and culture proud. Werk!

Innovation Baby

Alibaba's Ant Financial has teamed up with KFC in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou to debut its new "Smile to Pay" service. This  allows customers to process their payment simply by smiling after placing their order at one of the fast food restaurant's self-serve screens. A 3-D camera then scans the customer's face to verify their identity.

Fashion Scoop

China Fashion Week got very real about China's air pollution problem.  During what's usually a glamorous, enchanting and unreal nine-day event in Beijing, a few fashion designers decided to incorporate an accessory all too familiar with the country's inhabitants: face masks. At ILOVECHOC Wei Chao, models stomped down the runway in two varieties of protective gear: surgical face masks, and beekeeper headpieces. 

Art on View

Private Passage  is a huge wine bottle resting on its side, that  gives visitors a view straight through the middle from a row of portholes along the top. There's a series of skylights & decor.  The sculpture was created with the New York City Percent for Art program, administered through the Department of Cultural Affairs.  Located at 56th Street and Hudson River Greenway. Go take a peek!

Tip of the Week

Almost anything is possible with technology. Designers, don't be afraid to integrate it seamlessly into fashion. Hoping for cool LED looks in the seasons to come, not just on Oct 31st - Have a Happy Halloween!!!