June 10, 2020 | Special Edition II
Colima Fire
Yesterday, June 9, 2020 the Colima Fire began at the end of Punta del Este around 8:20 p.m. The fire burned a total of 6 acres, mostly in La Habra Heights. The Los Angeles County Fire Department and La Habra Heights Fire Department were able to contain and extinguish the brush fire quickly. The start of the fire is still under investigation, but fireworks are suspected.

The Colima Fire is an important reminder to complete Brush Clearance as soon as possible and to follow the City’s strict no fireworks regulations.
Take Precautions
Property owners  must  maintain their property free of combustible material/fire hazards year-around. Combustible materials include, but are not limited to, weeds, dead brush, dry or dead trees and tree limbs, dead palm fronds, combustible vegetation and refuse/waste. The clearance of combustible material/fire hazards will create defensible space that will slow down the spread of a fire.

As a reminder to residents, ALL fireworks, including safe and sane fireworks, are prohibited in the City of La Habra Heights. Embers from fireworks that are set off in the City may start a brush fire and spread quickly due to the vegetation that exists all over the City.

Open fires are also prohibited in the City of La Habra Heights. Embers from open fires can also start a brush fire and spread quickly due to the vegetation that exists all over the City.

Brush Clearance is the best way to reduce the risk of wildfires. Residents are also encouraged to be prepared. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your household for an emergency:

  • Have a family action plan in place and an emergency supply kit.
  • Designate an emergency meeting location outside of the fire hazard area.
  • Plan and practice different safety routes from home and within the community.
  • An Emergency Supply Kit should include important items such as a supply of non-perishable food, water, prescriptions/special medication, change of clothing, eye glasses or contact lenses, extra set of keys, credit cards, first aid kit, flashlight, battery-powered radio, batteries, sanitation supplies, important document.
  • Other useful items to keep ready include easily carried valuables, irreplaceable items, computers with important information, and chargers.
  • A family or household should designate an out-of-area friend or relative as a point of contact in case individuals were to get separated. Commonly during an emergency event, communication systems may be overloaded or limited during a disaster. Having a physical contact list will be useful when the battery to mobile devices are no longer charged.
  • All the items and procedures mentioned in the previous bullet points should be ready at a moment’s notice.
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