The Connection between Physical & Mental Health
The connection between your physical health and mental health is extremely important. Being physically healthy can help to increase your own mental health and wellbeing in a variety of ways; participating in healthy activities such as exercise, eating healthy, and getting proper sleep can help to improve your overall mood and mindset!

It is important especially now, as we stay safe in our homes, that we do our best to focus on our physical health and our mental health, since they have the ability of lifting each other up. For more information on the connection between physical and mental health and tips on how to support both, click the button below to view a comprehensive article from Happiful magazine!
Each week we'll be highlighting several websites and resources that can help to provide an uplifting and joyful balance to your day. This week we'll be focusing on the many ways you can exercise from the comfort of your own home! Below we've linked to several free exercise resources, including Planet Fitness workout videos and easy at-home exercises.

  1. Planet Fitness Workout Videos
  2. Ace Fitness At-Home Exercises
  3. At Home Workout Routines
Check out our Lebanon County resources Master List!
We've been sharing a lot of resources over the past several weeks to help you during this difficult time, and we've compiled these resources into one easy-to-share master list! Just click the button below to view the updated master list of resources, and keep checking back frequently as more resources will be added weekly.

Stay safe everyone! We'll get through this together!