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President's Message
Dear students, faculty, and staff,
Welcome to 2022! As we settle into the start of term, I want to express my appreciation to each of you for being here as part of the Acadia community. Nothing seems easy during a global pandemic - travelling to campus, shifting from in-person to remote learning and working, and navigating health directives. Even gathering with family and friends requires vigilance. Without a doubt, these are challenging times.
We are constantly being inundated with messages that affect teaching, learning, working, and living. Like me, I suspect you are tired and frustrated with having to manage through the everchanging phases of the pandemic, and the continued intrusion upon our lives. 

To counter the negative impact of these challenges, I focus on WHY. Focusing on what we are here to achieve helps keep me motivated and reminds me that above all else, kindness to others and consideration of their needs is uniquely essential as an attribute. Here are some of my WHYs:
  • Why am I triple vaccinated and following health protocols? Because I need to do my part to protect our community and my own health. 

  • Why did we decide to bring students back to fully in-person learning in the fall of 2021? Because the human experience of learning and living in the community is essential to Acadia’s education values and we could do so in a way that could keep everyone healthy and safe. 

  • Why are we implementing a strategic plan during a global pandemic? Because you and Acadia deserve a bright future and we cannot let the pandemic completely derail us from pursuing our vision and goals. 
  • Why are we taking measures to combat racism and indigenize the campus? Because equity, diversity, and inclusion serve us all and make us better individually and collectively. 
Keeping an eye on the bigger picture and what matters most is so important when in the midst of a crisis. In 2021, we had hoped to say goodbye to COVID-19 and get back to "normal." Now, in 2022, we are learning to live with COVID-19 and its variants in our day-to-day lives. We are making history as we navigate the pandemic and adapt to change. 
Thank you for doing your part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and for all your kindness and patience as we work our way through challenges. History shows us that supporting each other during hard times is the very essence of not only surviving but coming through stronger than ever. 

I am confident that we will see ourselves out of the pandemic this year and if we stay focused on our WHYs, we will write a chapter in Acadia's history books that will make us all proud. 
Dr. Peter Ricketts
President and Vice-Chancellor
Top Stories
Canada Research Chair announced
 Acadia University’s newest Tier II Canada Research Chair in Healthy Inclusive Communities is Dr. Emily Bremer, assistant professor in the School of Kinesiology.

Elder in Residence joins Acadia
Mi’kmaw Elder Dr. Joe Michael is joining our campus as an Elder in Residence. He will provide support and resources, primarily to Indigenous students and Indigenous staff, from a holistic Mi’kmaw perspective.

A call to action, President's response to anti-racism recommendations
Acadia has taken a major step towards greater equity, diversity, and inclusion with its release of the Report of the President’s Anti-Racism Task Force (PART) and the official response by the University’s President and Vice-Chancellor.

Order of Canada honours for Acadia alumni
Acadia honorary degree recipient, the Honourable Justice Dr. Murray Sinclair (DCL '21), C.C., has been named a Companion of the Order of Canada. Officer appointments include alumna Dr. Patricia Livingston ('11), O.C., and honorary degree recipient Dr. Connie J. Eaves, (DSc '20) O.C.

In the News

Politco - Academics are concerned about the “chilling effect” these bills will have on teachers as Republican lawmakers “race to outdo each other to pass the most extreme legislation,” said Jeffrey Sachs, a politics professor at Acadia University who has been tracking these bills.

CTV Atlantic - "It's a natural thing that happens from time to time," says Trevor Avery, a biology professor at Acadia University. "A super-chill event, there's a number of names for it. Essentially the mixing of that water and all of a sudden the fish are in a very different environment and they just can't cope."

Smithsonian Conservation - As the Arctic and the oceans warm due to climate change, understanding how a rapidly changing environment may affect birds making annual journeys between the Arctic and the high seas is vital to international conservation efforts.
COVID-19 Reminders
Pledge and Proof of Vaccine: All students need to take the student pledge and provide proof of vaccination or be approved for an exemption by January 14. Be aware of testing requirements based on vaccination status.

Understand COVID-19: Take the 2022 orientation course about COVID-19 and our campus response.

Clinics coming soon: Vaccination clinics for individuals with Acadia identification who need vaccines (including boosters) are scheduled for January 21 and mid-March. Details are coming soon.

Follow the Winter 2022 Safety Plan: Read the highlights or explore the plan document.

Do Your Part: We all must conduct a daily symptom check before arriving on campus

Watch your Email: Caroliina Landry, Acadia's Occupational Health Nurse, shares frequent updates regarding our health response to COVID-19. Have questions? Visit the COVID-19 information website or email
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