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May 2019 Newsletter
Greetings...we hope this newsletter finds you doing well!

The pace is beginning to pick up for 2019 and we are excited about a very diverse lineup that is beginning to roll off our production lines.

Chicago Snorkel 1 and E-One Hurricane Tower Ladder 10 were recently released and sold out very quickly. If you have yours on order, we expect to receive the models in late June and have all shipments out by July 5th.

The Detroit Safety Sedans have also sold through very quickly with limited quantities remaining of the Memorial Rig . These models arrive in the same container in late June.

The last of FDNY Engine 45 and 211, as well as Tower Ladder 1 sold out last month. Congrats to all the new owners of these limited production units.

Next up in our release schedule is Chicago Tower Ladder 14, a 1985 E-One Hurricane. We'll start accepting orders on the 16th and expect to sell out quickly. Only 75 have been produced and about 55 are still available.

We're excited about the next replica in the Columbus Series...the Sutphen Heavy Rescue. Look for it in the 3rd Quarter. Only a limited number will be available following internal Columbus orders.

Take a look at the pre-production prototype pic of the Chicago O'Hare 8x8 Striker! We understood the size of this rig...but it still amazes us how large this scale model will be. Look for it this Fall.

Read on for more info! Thank you!

Arriving late June...Chicago Snorkel 1, Tower Ladder 10 and Detroit Safety Sedans - In Service and Memorial Edition
Got yours on order? Keep an eye on your inbox for tracking by 7/5/19
May 16th is our next release...Chicago E-One Hurricane Tower Ladder 14. Limited to 75 units.
New Development...Columbus Heavy Rescue. Coming Q3!
Columbus Sutphen Heavy Rescue is the third model in the Columbus Division of Fire Series, following the sold out Monarch Engine and nearly sold out Tower. Continue your Columbus Collection in Q3, 2019. Sign up for our newsletter for new release notifications >
New prototype pic! O'Hare 8x8 Striker...coming this Fall.
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