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May 20, 2020
A Message From Our Founder & Managing Member
Francine Griesing
In today's WelcomeLaw Wednesday, Francine Griesing brings focus to diversity and inclusion. She introduces articles on the importance of law firms remaining committed to furthering diversity initiatives despite the pandemic as well as strategies to combat the persistent problem of bullying and harassment in the legal profession, particularly towards women and minorities.
In-House Perspective on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity During a Pandemic
Jessica Mazzeo discusses the importance of law firms remaining steadfast in furthering diversity initiatives. She shares perspectives from several in-house counsel and D&I leaders on what they continue to expect from outside counsel during this pandemic and beyond.
Women Standing Strong: Strategies for Dealing with Bullying and Bias
Francine Griesing gives personal accounts of the bullying behavior she experienced throughout her legal career and a perceived decline in civility in recent years. She provides guidance on how to to combat this type of unethical behavior at law firms and in-house legal departments.
Jessica Mazzeo Featured in Episode of Formcraft's The Corner Office
Jessica Mazzeo appeared on an episode of Formcraft's "The Corner Office" where she discusses the Firm's history, strategies for attracting clients, women empowerment in business, and how management can promote diversity and inclusion.
Upcoming Events
Cheryl Borland will be a speaker for a virtual discussion on “Supplier Diversity: A Key to Economic Resilience and Innovation Post COVID 19” hosted by the Derby Diversity & Business Summit on May 21 at 2 PM EST.
Francine Griesing is co-presenting a CLE webinar  “A Medical and Legal Analysis of COVID-19: A Virus that Spells Trouble in Any Language”  hosted by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on May 22 at 11 AM EST .
Jessica Mazzeo will be a panelist for a virtual discussion on “Best Practices for Remote Work” hosted by Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law on May 27 at 12:30 PM EST.
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