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May 13, 2020
A Message From Our Founder & Managing Member
Francine Griesing
Today's WelcomeLaw Wednesday focuses on topics related to resuming your business operations and what legal concerns you need to be mindful of to ensure the health and safety of customers in order to avoid litigation, along with the growing issue of discrimination against working mothers and other caregivers fueled by the pandemic.
So You Want To Reopen Your Business – What Are Your Legal Concerns?
Edward Fisher discusses the legal questions that businesses should be considering as they reopen, specifically how to best protect themselves from lawsuits filed by customers claiming they contracted COVID-19 at their establishment.
Caregiver Discrimination & COVID-19: 
What You Need to Know In This New Work-From-Home Reality
As a mother, wife and working professional, Melissa H. Davis shares the difficulties facing employers and employees in this new work-from-home environment including the rise in caregiver discrimination and the protections in place to combat it.
Upcoming Events
Francine Griesing is hosting a virtual roundtable for General Counsel on   “Promoting Civility Among Lawyers during Crisis  hosted by Modern Counsel on May 14 at 5PM EST.
Francine Griesing is presenting a CLE webinar “What to Expect during the Unexpected: Ethical Issues for Lawyers when Crisis Strikes” hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School on May 20 at 1PM EST.
Jessica Mazzeo is presenting a CLE/CLM webinar "From Diversity to Inclusion: Creating a Culturally Competent Law Firm"  hosted by the Association of Legal Administrators on May 20 at 3PM EST.
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