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June 24, 2020
A Message From Our Founder & Managing Member
Francine Griesing
As businesses around the country reopen their doors, employers and employees are adjusting to unprecedented changes that require additional care and strategy. In today's WelcomeLaw Wednesday, Francine Griesing addresses how we can transition into our new reality more smoothly. In her article, she emphasizes the importance of treating employees with respect and dignity even if you have to let them go. She also introduces an article from the Firm's Marketing Manager on how to expand and shift the focus of your legal practice as client needs change.
Don’t Kick Them on the Way Out the Door: Treating Employees with Dignity and Respect in a Downturn
Francine Griesing discusses a disturbing trend by employers who vent their frustrations against employees by essentially kicking them to the curb rather than severing them with kindness and understanding. She addresses the reputational and legal risks of this behavior and the importance of making difficult decisions in a way that best positions organizations to survive the current situation and rebound in the future.
I Need to Shift My Legal Practice, Where Should I Begin?
With courts closed and businesses shuttered nationwide over the past four months, many lawyers find their practices heavily disrupted or halted entirely. Marketing Manager Emily Griesing shares the steps to take if you're thinking about transitioning to a new or related practice area to address society's (and your clients’) shifting needs.
Content Corner
Some of our favorite podcasts, movies, and articles related to our country's most pressing racial issues
1619 is New York Times audio series, hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, that examines the long shadow of American slavery and how it transformed America by connecting the past and present.
The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross is a PBS mini series that chronicles African American history from the origins of slavery in Africa right up to today when America remains divided by race.
The New York Times article “Corporate America has failed black America”  sheds light on the issue of systemic inequality black men and women still face in the corporate world.
Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 documents the tension and broken trust between L.A.'s Black community and police in the decade before the Rodney King riots.

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