Green Exodus: uses contemplation, creativity, community and a fresh look at the Cosmos to realign our relationship with the Earth. Although these gatherings occur on Zoom, our focus is place-based. We are so excited that the first place to host this endeavour is Canmore! For more information contact,
Canmore Gathering 4 
February 26, 2021 
4:00pm- 5:30pm

 Order of Things
  • Land Acknowledgement/Land Embodiment Practice
  • Poetry Practise
  • Introduction to Contemplative Photography
  • Contemplative Practice with Jess McNally
  • Hospitality Practise - Welcoming Bart Robinson
  • Community Practice

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How has your Relationship Changed with the Wild Places You Love? : A Conversation with Bart Robinson, The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide
Bart Robinson is the author of Trail Guide to the Canadian Rockies.

Bart’s affinity with Nature and natural systems began early, in the Sugar Pine/Douglas Fir forests of southwest Oregon, where his grandparents summered in a remote, un-serviced cabin on the Rogue River. As a writer and journalist, he was able to spend time in some wonderfully remote corners of the continent and in the presence of iconic wildlife.  He counts as his all-time favourite year his 26th, during which he spent over 200 nights in a tent, “somewhere out there.” 
Green Exodus - Gatherings
March 4 - Green Exodus Community Meeting - stay tuned !

You are welcome to attend as you are able!

Full Disclosure
The Green Exodus is an opportunity for participation

  • With each other through small and large group conversation.

  • With what is and what is more than us through various practices: noticing, meditation, contemplative photography, poetry, art, words from Wisdom Traditions.

  • In the creative, evolving urgency of our living on this Planet; both as we ourselves are creative, with joy and discovery, and as we are painfully aware of our place and potential in the evolution of our Earth.