Grateful for You...
Enjoy a free "sampler" of yoga & spin recordings on Vicki Tree!
Free "Sampler" of 13 Yoga Videos
As I reflect on my past year, one word comes to mind. Grateful.

Grateful for the support from the community and the continuous uplifting messages randomly received. Thanks to each of you, Vicki Tree continuous to grow, learn and take risks to try to improve the offerings. The year 2022, will be a big one for us. Although we are nervous, we are so excited to take the next steps in the new building, yoga plank and property.

To thank you for your support, we have a link below of 13 free yoga videos providing a "sampler" of the 60 plus videos in the library. This "sampler" includes recently released:

  • Shoulder Health (30 min)
  • CORE-ageous, Vibrant Vinyasa Flow (75 min)
  • Rise n Shine Flow (50 Min)
  • Gentle Stretch Release (45 min)
  • Holidays Declutter - Soft Slow Effortless Unwind (30 min)

As well, it includes some past videos of Gentle Happy Hips, Bedtime Unwind, Energetic Flows and much more.

ENJOY these FREE videos for the next 10 days from Vicki Tree to you!
Full Library Recordings
Interested in all 60 plus videos and counting?

$32 for $30 days - unlimited access.

You can't go wrong!

Simply email virginia@vickitree.com to request link and send your e-transfer. The start date is the date your transfer the payment. Your schedule - your way!

Free Spin Video Link
Looking for a energetic Vicki Tree Spin during closures?
Click here for some FREE spin sweaty fun.

Spin Sweat 3 CLICK
Spin Sweat 4 CLICK
Spin Sweat 5 CLICK
Spin Sweat 6 CLICK
Future Spin and Yoga In Person Schedule
As soon as the 21 day closure is lifted, we will release the Feb in person drop in schedule for both yoga and spin.

Looking forward to it.

Until then, stay safe and keep your mental health at the forefront forever and always.
You do you - let others do them!


Contact: wellness@vickitree.com´╗┐