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In 2021 Sonshine served:

  • 45 women and 51 children in the Sonshine Centre
  • 21 women and 34 children through follow-up services
  • 71 Community Counselling clients
  • 25 children under 6 years of age in the Children's Centre

The biggest challenge our residential clients have faced during 2021 has been the lack of affordable community housing and longer than usual waiting lists. This has resulted in families/single women extending stays in their Sonshine Centre suite and, therefore, a diminished availability of residential shelter options for women and children fleeing domestic violence and in need of a safe residential option and support services.

The women and children we served also dealt with a high level of isolation and pandemic-related stress that negatively impacted their mental health.

As we welcome 2022, we look forward to strengthening our work through increased community partnerships, advocacy and education.


Passion for Fashion

Last spring, a shipping container filled with new clothing arrived on our doorstep. It was a delightful donation of new clothing from H&M, but it was also daunting... Sonshine's storage space is limited! We asked ourselves: how can we save space for essentials while ensuring our women and children have access to clothing when needed? A lightbulb went off, and Passion for Fashion was born!

Several times throughout the year, Passion for Fashion gives the women and children in the Sonshine Centre an opportunity to rebuild and refresh their wardrobes. Clients can fill out a clothing wish lists, answering everything from sizes to pattern preferences to favorite colors. Volunteers then use this information to compile personalized gift bags for each woman and child.


The most recent occasion was a true community endeavor led by Judith Chubachi, a longtime supporter and volunteer at Sonshine. Judith collected donations of clothing and began sorting. However, once she received our client's wish lists, she realized she wouldn’t have enough items to fulfill them all. Almost everyone asked for boots, a winter jacket, ski pants and gloves… Hello, Winter, we see you!


Judith's daughter received over 30 responses on her community marketplace page, where she had put out a request for clothing. As she began sharing what they were doing, many sellers drastically dropped their price or donated the items.

Judith also wanted to include new socks and underwear for each client, so she put out a call to her Women’s Bible study group. One of the members has a 10-year-old daughter who was looking for a service project for her school - and she wound up collecting 128 pairs of new socks!


In the end, it took over a month for Judith and her helpers to sort and assemble everything, but the result was incredible and very much appreciated by clients!


Would you like to be a part of the next Passion for Fashion event? Get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator at or 403-705-3494 to learn more!

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44 Families Sponsored!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Adopt-a-Family 2021! Thanks to your generosity, 44 families received support this holiday season.

One of these recipients told her counsellor: “I am so thankful and grateful for all the donations that we got this year. To be honest I have never ever got that much of gifts in my whole life. I am so blessed to be here and will miss you all when we leave."

Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to the program's success!

We'd like to hear from you!

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The Easiest Way to Give

Did you know that Sonshine is on SkiptheDepot? SkiptheDepot is a bottle collection service that will let you donate your bottle refund directly to us. They even pick them up for you - no need to brave the cold or stand in line! Just download the app and select Sonshine as your charity of choice.

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