Bedouin Group Joins the IAF Center Youth Program!
Dear Friends,

Last week a group of Bedouin students from the Ofek pre-military academy participated at the Youth Leadership Training Program at the IAF Center. They were instructed in the art of air-to-air refueling by Lt. Colonel Itamar. One of our program instructors discussed their possible future induction to the IDF and advised them what to expect.
They were also briefed on the 2 nd Lebanon War and discussed the sacrifice of officer Roi Klyne z"l.

They continued to the flight simulation program where they had a basic principles of flight briefing before taking part the pilot simulation course.
They finished the day with dinner and a movie and expressed their pleasure and gratitude for a stimulating and exciting day through the IAF Center Leadership and training program.
Hussein, their teacher commented: "There are no words to describe the happiness of the students due to the activities and the simulator experience. It was one of their happiest days of the year. I believe this is the best platform to expose and prepare our youth to integrate into mainstream Israeli society."

I am reaching out to you, and invite you to take part in this experience and lend your support to our exceptional and unique Youth Leadership Training Program.


Stanley Baratta
Chief Development Officer