In this issue CIHS is sharing many exciting ways to study Clinical Psychology with a holistic point of view, including a special new course, Islamic Sufism, where students will get to immerse themselves in Sufi perspectives on human development, spiritual evolution, and levels of consciousness. We also are honored to introduce you to CIHS star alumni, Milena Braticevic, and the amazing work she is doing with her CIHS PhD in Integral Health. Friend of CIHS, Jeffrey Mishlove is scheduled to present in March for a special fundraising event. New opportunities to get involved with our community through a collaborative art installation, as well as an upcoming event at the Center for Lifelong Learning on the benefits that EFT can provide to help you overcome barriers in your life! Also included is an opportunity for graduate students and junior faculty to apply for a $20K grant!
At the California Institute for Human Science, Students Benefit From A Holistic Approach to Clinical Psychology

As a friend of CIHS, you know that our mission as a Mind-Body Consciousness university bridges science and spirituality. We are proud to highlight our MA and Ph.D. programs in Clinical Psychology. The academic course load merges metaphysics and the study of mind-body-spirit to provide students with a holistic educational foundation. 

Students at CIHS will be prepared for scientific research, practitioner roles and doctoral studies through the clinical psychology program. They will learn how to understand the multidimensional human spirit and apply transdisciplinary research, theory, and praxis for effective counseling in traditional and non-traditional settings. 

The Ph.D. program includes state course requirements for licensure and personalized elective opportunities, and it features a traditional psychology curriculum with a greater emphasis on consciousness and spirituality for holistic wellness. Classes unique to the program include: Mind-Body and Energy is Psychology, Sociocultural Influences and Intervention Strategies, Introduction to Energy Psychology, Pranic Healing, Psychology of the Chakras, and many more.

“Students who undergo study in the clinical psychology program are better able to act as stewards of humanity because they’re able to view people and the world at large through a broader lens of understanding,” Dr. Thomas Brophy, President of CIHS, said. “Incorporating the mind-body-spirit connection in clinical psychology study truly sets this program apart and better prepares students for real-world challenges.”
CIHS in action out in the world.....
Our alumni, faculty, staff, and friends are doing cool things with their consciousness studies involving the mind-body-spirit connection!
CIHS Alumni, Milena Braticevic

Milena graduated from CIHS in 2019, with her dissertation on the effects of increasing nondual consciousness showing remarkable improvements on mental health and wellbeing of young adults experiencing anxiety and depression. Since her graduation, Milena has delivered her mental resilience and psychological safety programs to many organizations including MCAP, Price Waterhouse Coopers, First Capital, Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses, Tourism Industry Association, Ontario Public Health Association, and the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She currently teaches her programs ‘Building Mental Resilience in Uncertain Times’ and ‘Psychological Safety’ at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Having seen the positive effects of her programs, Milena believes that access to consciousness education in workplaces is the key to mental resilience and optimal productivity. For more information about Milena’s work, visit
Exciting New Course!
Islamic Sufism: Principles and Practice
with Farnaz Khoromi, Psy.D,
Director of Psychology Programs
Farnaz Khoromi, Psy.D,
Director of Psychology Programs
Course Description: Where does the love and potency of the beautiful Sufi Poetry, Sufi Dancing and Sufi Art originate from? What were the Sufi’s searching for and how does it influence each of us? This course explores and traces the history of Islamic Sufism from its origin to today. The student will learn about the principles of Islamic Sufism, and Sufi perspectives on human development, spiritual evolution, and levels of consciousness. Scientific research on benefits of Sufi practices for health and psychological well-being will be examined. Students will become acquainted with various Sufi practices, such as Sufi chanting (Zekr), Sufi dancing (Soma’) and Sufi meditative practices (Tamarkoz®). The class will include an experiential component where students will engage and learn Tamarkoz® under the direction of trained instructors.
Join CIHS for a Special 30 Year Anniversary Fundraising Event!
Wednesday, March 16th, 6pm
Featuring Jeffrey Mishlove

Dr. Mishlolve is the recent 1st prize laureate of the prestigious Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies contest for best essay on evidence for survival of consciousness beyond death.
Dr. Mishlove is host and producer of the popular and highly regarded New Thinking Allowed youtube channel, and was host of the PBS broadcast television series Thinking Allowed (1987 – 2002).
Please support CIHS’s ability to present educational events and programs of this type with your tax-deductible donation for registration for this event…Your donation supports CIHS in our endeavor to provide unique mind-body-spirit education and research, and also gives you admission to the event and prizes to go with it! 
ONENESS Community Collaborative Installation Art
If on the stage of existence, you had the chance to make ONE lasting statement, what would you say? If you could make the world, a better place for all, what would your message be?
Send us your words and we will display them for the world to see through this artistic project.

Instructions for Participation:
Messages of:
  • Meaning of oneness and unity to the writer
  • A self-less prayer for all
  • The writer's hopes, dreams, and solutions for a more united, harmonious and tolerant human family or the future of the planet as a whole
  • messages may vary from 1 sentence to 3 paragraphs.
Send your message by February 28th!
ONENESS Community Collaborative Art Installation is a typographic sculpture of the word ONENESS. From February through May of 2022, the surface of this sculpture will gradually become covered with 1100 colorful handmade paper origami flowers, containing direct messages from the public. This is a community collaborative artistic and creative effort to promote a message of oneness and unity, in order to enhance the spirit of love, cooperation, and harmony among the human family.
Organizer and Creative Director: Soori McEachern

Call to Performers
ONENESS volunteer Music Festival and Celebration

Calling for talent in the areas of Music, Singing, Dance, Performing arts, Spoken word art, Poetry in the theme of Oneness and unity.

We are looking for Musical and/or Artistic performance submissions, based on the theme ONENESS OF EXISTENCE and unity of humanity, done by solo or group artists from different faith groups, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The Beloved’s Garden is an Art Interfaith Exhibition Celebration
of the Oneness of Existence. The goal of this Celebration is the promotion of the spirit of Unity
and oneness through the universal language of ART & Music!

Please email to Soori McEachern at:
Deadline: February 28th, 2022.
Organized by:
M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism® in collaboration with the City of Encinitas Parks, Recreation, Cultural Arts department
Co-sponsored by: CIHS, Poway Interfaith Team, SDIMA (San Dieguito interfaith Ministerial Association)
The Center for Lifelong Learning Presents: EFT and Your Relationship with Risk
Tuesday, February 22nd, 6pm PST

Upcoming webinar! Join us to explore your relationship with risk and how Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can transform the barriers keeping you from achieving your goals. During these times of uncertainty EFT is a valuable tool to support change. Join Michelle Leuschen to learn and explore the many possibilities EFT has to offer!
How often have you thought to yourself, “If only I wasn’t afraid to take that risk, I could reach my goal or dream”. For instance, “If I wasn’t afraid to open my heart, I could have that relationship I’ve been wanting.” Or, “If I wasn’t afraid to ask for a raise, I would be able to buy that boat I’ve been dreaming about”. Have you ever considered which comes first, risk or trust? Do you find yourself needing to trust before you risk, or do you risk something in order to trust? And consider how closely risk and vulnerability are linked, without one, how can we have the other? Isn’t being vulnerable truly a risk? The common denominator is fear, and in a world where fear often rules our conscious and unconscious behavior, we may find ourselves reluctant to trust, to be vulnerable, or to take the risks we need in order to expand our life. Fear of risk often keeps us from a bigger life, a life of more growth and possibility.
In the class, EFT and Your Relationship with Risk, we will explore the impact that fear has on our ability to risk. Participants will learn how to apply Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, tapping) to determine whether or not their fear is a wise signal, or if their fear is keeping them from a “high value” risk. The power of the course will be when participants experience for themselves how EFT can reduce or eliminate their fear. REGISTER HERE
Attention Graduate Students and Junior Faculty....
Call for $20K Grant Applications!

The Biofield Research Fellowship Program - Call for Grant Applications from Researchers in Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing - for researchers interested in exploring the science of subtle energy and biofield healing, the Biofield Research Fellowship Program is now seeking applications for a new grant/fellowship opportunity, which will provide six annual grants of up to $20,000 each, plus mentorship and community for emerging researchers across multiple disciplines.

In addition to grant funds, the Fellowship Program will provide Fellows with a collaborative community of emerging and established researchers and will pair each Fellow with a respected research mentor who has expertise relevant to their research. The findings derived from Fellows’ investigations will provide greater insight into biofield therapies and their applications for reducing suffering and promoting health and wellbeing.

To be eligible for the Fellowship Program, applicants must be graduate students (e.g., Masters, PhD), post-doctoral fellows, or junior faculty not past their fifth year of university appointment. Applicants should propose research topics that are aligned with the Fellowship Program’s research priorities across clinical, qualitative, fundamental science and mechanism research. Applications are due by February 21, 2021.

Fellows will be part of a wider community providing academic and social support and will have the opportunity to participate in forums, join small gatherings with respected thought leaders, and take part in a special in-person annual Research Conference for the Fellowship community and other invitees.

For more information about the program, selection criteria, and how to apply, please
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Upcoming Events at the Center for Lifelong Learning:

Emotional Freedom Technique & Your Relationship with Risk
Tuesday, February 22nd 6-7:30 pm PST
Introduction to Ayurveda - Certificate of Completion
Tuesdays in March 5:45-7pm PST
Evidence for Survival after Death - Jeffrey Mishlove
Wednesday, March 16th 6-7:30pm
Foundations in Shamanism - Certificate of Completion
Wednesdays in April 6-8pm PST