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Above: Video of JR Worsley describing the experience of Spring

Welcome to the Worsley Institute Seasonal News Letter

In this issue:

  • Video: JR Worsley painting an image of Spring
  • Ask Judy: The Essential Quality
  • Worsley Community News: Rosie and Jack
  • The WiSESM Way: Spring Cleaning
  • Upcoming Trainings and Events

Ask Judy:

Above: Judy and Eric with WIT students and practitioners at Portland Consult Days

A Question for Judy Worsley

Q: What is the one quality you deem essential to the Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture “Way of Life” (JR Worsley)?

A: Humility

I view Humility as the foundation of all that is sacred, virtuous, and beautiful. Professor JR Worsley taught that Worsley Classical Five-Element Acupuncture as a “Way of Life” guides us to be humble servants of the natural order. 

It is this quality that compels us to fall to our knees in an unconditional bow to Nature, freeing us from the “me” obsession so that we can discover freshness in each moment. Through this wholehearted communion with the Divine order, the sheer bliss of being alive, with gratitude to be of service, arises.

Do you have a question for Judy? Send it to [email protected]

Worsley Community News:

Left: Judy and Rosie at MAP. Right: Jack at his new home.

Rosie and Jack

If you’ve attended any of our MAP sessions, there is a good chance that you’ve met Pam Francis from California. And if you met Pam, there is a good chance you met her dog, Rosie. Rosie was a special member of our community. She brought much joy, love, and comfort to our MAP trainings. Trained in agility and also as a therapy dog, she quickly made her way into many of our hearts. At the end of last year at the remarkable age of 15, Rosie died, and Pam had to say goodbye to sweet Rosie.

After spending time grieving the loss of Rosie, Pam felt that Spring was approaching, and it was time for a new companion.

Jack, named after JR, was born on September 9th and arrived at his new home on January 28th. Jack is a sweet and cautious little puppy. Pam is enjoying socializing Jack on walks in their neighborhood and some busier streets as well as starting agility and service dog training. We look forward to meeting Jack at our April MAP session in Mexico.

The WiSE Way:

A group of Worsley practitioners an a WiSE cleanup event, in green vests picking up trash from the side of the road

Above: Worsley Institute Members during Portland WiSE Cleanup Day

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season of renewal. After the stillness of Winter, where we’ve had the opportunity to go within to conserve our energy, we can see the potential of long Summer days filled with laughter and the abundant Harvest of Late Summer. Spring is the time of laying down the foundation for the rest of the year. On the farm, one would be clearing the fields of blowdown and preparing them for planting seeds. So naturally, in our homes, it’s time to start cleaning and preparing for the seasons ahead. 

Here are some things to consider as you clean and declutter:

  1. Aim for zero waste. Reduce, repurpose, reuse, and recycle. 
  2. Clean your containers before you send them for recycling. Heavily soiled containers, even things like unrinsed pop cans, cannot be recycled and can contaminate other items in single-stream collections so that they then cannot be recycled. 
  3. Avoid single-use plastics and avoid buying things that are contained in plastic if there are alternatives, such as buying in bulk stores where you can take your own containers. 
  4. E-cycle your electronics. There are depots which collect small appliances and electronics, where they are broken down and the parts are repurposed and reused. 
  5. Don’t wish-cycle! This is when you toss questionable items in the recycling bin and just hope that they will be recycled, even though they can’t. Common items we “wish-cycle” include to-go coffee cups and to-go food containers with glossy interiors. Clamshells are also not accepted from home recycling but are accepted at recycling center. Look for one near you - they will likely accept your e-waste as well!

Upcoming Trainings and Events:

Students practice point location at the beach in Mexico for MAP

Above: Judy offering insights to Sabeeha and Josh while in the background Dianne and Eric work on marking out head points on Pam.

Click for more information or to register:

Mark your calendars! Details to come:

  • Celebrate JR Worsley 100th Birthday! We are going to celebrate in style with a very special event in Oxford on September, 17 2023. Details released soon.
  • WiSE viewing of Knepp Castle Estate, founder is author of Rewilding, September 2023
  • UK Study Group, October 7-8 Church Hill Farm, UK
  • Consult Days in Maryland and Pacific NW, November 2023 (email [email protected] for dates and interest in attending)
  • Open Seminar in Silver Spring, MD, November 11, 12

Worsley Institute Training students studying while rafting down the Deschutes River in Oregon
Eric, Kim, and Moon make fun smiling faces at the camera

Left: Worsley Intensive Training students enjoying a night out in Portland, OR

Center: A group of Worsley Intensive Training students rafting the Deschutes River

Right: Eric, Kim, and Moon having fun at MAP in Mexico

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