Campaign Update | Jan/Feb 2022
Partner Spotlight: Eleccion, LLC
Enabling Partners and Co-Founders of Eleccion, LLC, Craig Ridley and Deanna Doan, have been staunch supporters of the Northern Virginia Science Center Foundation since the opening of the Children's Science Center Lab, serving as volunteers, donors, and ambassadors for STEM learning in the community. Mr. Ridley joined the Foundation's Board of Directors in 2017, and the Foundation is now excited to announce the next step in this partnership as Eleccion joins the Launch the Future campaign as an Element Partner.

Eleccion's generous support will be recognized permanently on the chemical element Xenon (Xe), atomic number 54, on an interactive periodic table installation in the entrance hall of the future Science Center. "We're an organization full of curious learners. We ask why a lot. Equally as important, we take action. We're excited that Eleccion can be a notable factor in STEM education, learning, and workforce development for our region," said Craig Ridley. "As diverse founders, we believe the Science Center's mission and values align perfectly with ours. This will be an amazing resource and path to STEM enrichment for our diverse community." added Deanna Doan.

Eleccion (ELX) is a next-generation management consulting firm providing advisory services to government, commercial, and non-profit organizations committed to making fundamental change improvement. Based in Herndon, VA, Eleccion focuses on organizational modeling, technology adoption, and innovation management within the federal government and strategic industry partnerships.

Thank you to the entire Eleccion team for your commitment to the Northern Virginia
Science Center, solidifying the region's status as the nexus for STEM innovation
and serving the region's children, students, and families for generations.
Element Partners: Leadership Support for a Vital Community Resource
Please consider joining Eleccion as an Element Partner by making a leadership commitment to support this vital community resource.

Element Partners will enjoy permanent recognition on an available element of choice on an interactive Periodic Table of Elements inside the main entrance of the Northern Virginia Science Center, which will greet over 300,000 visitors annually. In addition, Element Partners will receive priority invitations to signature campaign and Science Center events, be eligible for a complimentary individual or corporate membership, and receive priority reservations for an annual use of the Science Center rental space.

Fifteen percent of elements have already been committed by generous supporters like Eleccion. Consider becoming an Element Partner, and don't miss your opportunity to demonstrate you or your company's enduring commitment to this legacy project.
Launch the Future
Campaign Fundraising Update
93% of total campaign costs
have been committed!
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