July 3rd 2019
Hello friends!
It's our 30th summer at the heart of downtown Belfast!  Come and celebrate with us!

Thank you everyone who sent   memories and wishes for Michelle.  We put them into a beautiful book, with terrific photos of the store through the years.  Michelle was taken completely by surprise and touched beyond words.   Our effort to nourish her by reflecting the love she gives worked beautifully!!

Her personal message to you:
What a fabulous surprise my staff orchestrated for our 30th year celebration! The book they created is such a treasure. I was quite overwhelmed by the beautiful writings contributed by so many of you. Reading the book filled with all that love, appreciation and kindness truly made my heart swell. Most stunning to me was the length and sincerity of your notes; that you took the time to really spell out how you have enjoyed the store over many years, how you have been supported and touched. For this I am deeply grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

To celebrate and commemorate the anniversary, Michelle is giving away these fabulous reusable shopping bags. We hope you love them as much as we do!  
The reverse of the bag reflects the spirit of what we do, with the sayings:
Love who you are 
Lead with your heart

Feeling so incredibly blessed by the shared flow of love, 
Michelle has also written heartfelt blessings for you to have.  
Come and pick one out at the counter when you stop in.

In addition to all this celebration, we were all pretty overwhelmed by an extraordinary letter of congratulations and thanks from the Belfast City Council which is at the end of this newsletter.

~ ~ ~
We will be open on the 4th of July from 9am to 5pm
~ ~ ~

Don't forget our legendary annual back alley sale this Saturday.  
Past season jewelry, accessories, gifts and more at a minimum of 50% off.
Do your holiday shopping in July or simply enjoy the ambiance of amazing bargain hunting.   The sale is outside the back of the store and is a cash and checks only event.

And of course, the store is just abounding with new treasures and there are more coming every day right now - here's a peek at a few new things...


A gorgeous collection of buttery soft leather bags with fabulous design details.

Cool, classic linen. 
This year's styles range from quintessential elegance to utterly adorable polka dots. 
The Egyptians wore linen 4000 years ago and they knew a thing or two about fashion!
Lastly, we often share about the power of gratitude and the value of practicing appreciation.  As we celebrate three decades of Coyote Moon we are grateful for so much, but most especially for you who have shared in Michelle's vision manifested.  While we are admiring of all that is superlative, we want to share with you a short poem in which T hich Nhat Hanh reminds us all to be mindful of our own innate and enduring beauty.

A flower
does not have to
do anything
to be of service,
it only has to be a flower.
That is enough.
A human being,
a true human being,
is enough
to make the whole world

From Moments of Mindfulness

Here is the amazing letter from the Belfast City Council:

Please call us for the quickest response. Emails are checked less frequently. 
Thank you! 

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