Volume 2 Issue 9
From your NEW president, Cynthia Hencsie, ASID
The many things we are thankful for...


   Our first Board Meeting brought several items to the table.  We are inviting our Industry Partners to showcase their company and allow the Board to meet there on the same day.  Our November 19 we are invited to Elder Care, a new Industry Partner.  More information will follow.    

   On the day prior, November 18, we will open the Office at 5:00, inviting CIDR and IIDA members to meet and discuss the legacy of our dear friend Linda Thomas, whose presence in our Chapter will be recognized in a special way.  We hope to have the event in January. 

We are preparing a Holiday Event in December for all our members.  Dates will be coming soon, we are inviting the Industry Partner membership to host our east side event, the western side of Michigan is already in the making.  Those interested please email: ASID MI using the subject: HOLIDAY CELEBRATION.  Stay tuned.

   A committee is forming regarding our Michigan Directory. If you have a preference of digital or the printed copy, let us know.  Email the office using subject: DIRECTORY and voice your opinion and/or your desire to be part of this important component to our networking ability.

   Jeff Kolp, President Elect, will be spearheading the Design Awards Committee.  Many members voiced their appreciation for this venue to assist in building their name recognition.  Members wishing to support this initiative, please email Jeff Kolp.

   I am taking this position viewing it as a three year commitment to the organization.  We have Jeff Kolp and Cynthia Hahn coming into leadership and I personally want them to start their team running.  We are discussing remodeling our Office.  Industry Partners and members interested in being on the Task Force, please send info to ASID MI subject OFFICE RENOVATION.

   As this month gives us pause of the many things we are thankful for, I have come to realize my career advancements are largely due to my contacts made within ASID.  I am thankful for our Industry Partners making our projects truly great and our Membership helping each other.  There are countless times in my past where I can pin point a turning point in my career due to interaction I found through the ASID membership.  If you keep this in the forefront, you too can find the goodness arrived at being a member.

Please feel free to reach out to Cricket as incoming president to her email here: Cynthia Hencsie
From your NEW President Elect, Jeff Kolp, Allied ASID
We got this...


   Hello ASID Michigan members my name is Jeff Kolp and I am the Showroom Manager of the Virginia Tile Showroom in Sterling Heights. I am extremely honored and excited to serve this year as the ASID Michigan Chapter 2014-2015 President Elect. 

   I started with ASID as the Student Rep. to the Board while I was a Junior at Wayne State University. As a senior I was the ASID Student Chapter President at Wayne. Upon graduation and starting my Interior Design profession I went on to chair and serve on several ASID committees, volunteer for community service projects and to serve again on the ASID Michigan board as the Emerging Professional Director. 

I think back to the time of not having any clue what I was getting into as I walked into my first board meeting and sat down with a group of talented designers. I was immediately overwhelmed with intimidation and nervousness. My nerves were quickly calmed as I was welcomed with open arms to this group of amazing people. 

   In June part of our ASID board was able to attend the Chapter Leadership Conference in LA. I walked into a massive conference room with the talented board members from the various chapters around the country. I again found myself overwhelmed with those same feelings as I did as a student at my first board meeting. As the introductions passed and the training sessions started the passion and ideas started to take over. There I am with Brittany Walsh, Christina Bliss and Cynthia Hahn whispering back and forth, while presentations are going on mind you, of all the ideas we have for the upcoming years. While we didn't want to be rude we decided we could save our ideas for later discussions. As I look over I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I notice the 3, literally squirming in their chairs as if they were going to bust at the seams with ideas. I sat back grinning from ear to ear as I thought to myself "We got this"! Over our several days of training sessions we were able to learn how to better serve our ASID members. We have brought back numerous amounts of innovative ideas and feedback from other ASID Chapters and we are excited to put them in place. 

   With one board meeting down, all of the 2014-2015 ASID Michigan board members have displayed great ambition, motivation, passion and open minded thoughts for our Chapter. This ensures me that we will accomplish some great things and that I have, again, found myself immersed into a group of talented and amazing people.  

   The mentors, colleagues and friends that I have made through my years with ASID are extremely near and dear to my heart. I would not be where I am today in my career without those people that built me up with confidence as a student and really allowed me to believe I could do anything I put my mind to. I look forward to providing, along with the ASID Michigan board, this same type of service and mentorship to our industry and organization. 

   Our 2014 Annual Meeting was held this year at Steelcase in Grand Rapids. We hosted a beautiful evening "White Party" at Worklab by Custer, also in Grand Rapids. The whole event was a success thanks to our event planning committee and sponsors. It was great to see old friends at the event and befriend new ones. We have some more great events planned in the upcoming months. Be on the lookout for details. I encourage you all as an active ASID member to attend our events and put those networks, resources and mentoring skills to use. Or, you can always come just to enjoy a good party! 

   Please feel free to contact myself or any one of our board members should you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you just want to say "Hey"! Thank you again and here's to a wonderful year!



Please feel free to reach out to Jeff as incoming President Elect via his email here: Jeff Kolp
From your NEW Member At-Large, Tina Rossi, Allied ASID, CAPS


   I'm Tina Rossi; I joined ASID as a student member in 2009. Today, I am an Allied member of ASID and I am very proud to be apart of such a wonderful organization.  ASID has allowed me to develop as a designer.  The networking and volunteer opportunities our chapter has to offer are rewarding and self fulfilling.  I am honored to be apart of the ASID board as " member at large" for the next 2 years.  I was apart of the award winning team for the ASID Turning Point project.  ASID is currently filling time slots for our booth at the Novi home show in February.  We have designers host the booth, as well as provide15min design consultations in one of our four dynamic vignettes. Come and represent our fantastic society, we would love to have you.


Please feel free to reach out to Tina as the incoming Member At Large to her email here: Tina Rossi
From your NEW Membership Director, Christina Bliss, ASID
Directly work toward the goals of the organization...



   I am an NCIDQ licensed interior designer.  I have worked in commercial interior design for 15 years - collaborating on all types of projects, from historical restoration to adaptive re-use to new construction.  When asked to fulfill the roll of membership director for the Michigan Chapter of ASID, I was taken completely off-guard.  I, unfortunately, have not had much involvement with ASID.  Other than supporting my students' efforts to participate or organize events (and frankly that does not amount to much).  

   It was for this reason I want to be more involved.  I am the type of person that jumps in with both feet.  I feel as a board member, I will have the opportunity to better understand ASID and contribute to its betterment in the best way I am able. By becoming involved at this level I will be able to directly work toward the goals of the organization.  Knowing ASID exists to provide fellowship among professionals in the same industry -- I want to participate in every way I can.  I feel I am at a point in my career where I am able to give something to my peers.  As membership director -- I will offer support to existing members, identifying their needs and finding ways to fulfill them.  I will encourage non-members to join, connecting them to amenities, which will enhance their careers. Through the events ASID organizes, I hope to develop and build relationships between others -- strengthening individuals and the industry as a whole. 

Please feel free to reach out to Christina as the incoming Membership Director to her email here: Christina Bliss
From your NEW Financial Director, Rebecca L. Luckhardt, ASID Industry Partner
Proud to serve...


   Hello Everybody! I have had the pleasure of sevring on the board in prior years but am always finding new ways to stay active within the design community! I work for a wonderful company (Sherwin Williams) that allows me to support ASID in so many different ways. I am looking forward to what this next year will bring!

   Also- Don't forget to volunteer and promote your business at the Novi Home Show! Sign-up sheets will be circulating soon to register as a consulting designer or to help answer questions about ASID to homeowners. Come support your profession January 23-25, 2015.  

Please feel free to reach out to Rebecca as the incoming Financial Director to her email here: Rebecca L. Luckhardt
From your NEW Emerging Professional Board Member, Korinne Ishmel, Allied ASID
More connected to the organization...


   Hello Everybody! My name is Korinne Ishmel. I joined ASID in 2010 as a student member at Baker College and advanced to Allied membership in 2014. I am excited to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for interior design as I do. ASID provides me with so much industry information and opportunities to network and to earn CEU's which are important for my future success. 

   Recently, I decided I wanted to get more involved with ASID. So I attended my first ASID Annual Event in my hometown this year- shout out to Grand Rapids, Michigan!  I had a great time. I visited my mom and dad, enjoyed learning more about Steelcase, ways to use social media for business, and much more. I also met other designers and industry partners. I attended the day sessions and topped the night off at the White Gala in which I tied for "Best Dressed"! Meeting new people, good food, good fun, and education, what more could I ask for? In attending this event, I really felt less like an outsider and more connected to the organization. Currently, I serve as the Emerging Professional Director and will work towards keeping the connection between ASID and other emerging professionals like myself.

   On a personal note, interior design is sort of a second career for me, I have been a musician for quite a few years. I've been married for 18 years and have three daughters... teenaged daughters. Pray for me. 



Please feel free to reach out to Korinne as the incoming Emerging Professional Director to her email here: Korinne Ishmel
From your NEW Student Representative to the Board, Eitan Mendelson
Dedication to the field...


   Thank you for the consideration for the position of state representative for Student ASID. I am very excited to begin my senior year of Interior Design at Eastern Michigan University and look to make a positive impact in the classroom, as well as around campuses as chapter president.

    Last year, I was elected as vice president of our own chapter at EMU and made sure to get our students involved right away. Prior to my year as vice president, I had no backing or understanding as to what ASID did for students, as the group was not well maintained by the student body in the design program. I wanted to be sure that once I became involved with the group, I brought it back to relevancy within our school to provide the students with another essential learning tool.
   During the course of the year, I invited in lecturers from across the industry to speak to the students, providing advice about school work, future internships and careers, and to share their knowledge about the field. These meetings were very beneficial to the students, as they were able to get the best advice from the best sources -- from leaders in the design community.
   In addition to setting up lectures, I took on the responsibility of working with the dean and the department faculty to work on a plan to restore Roosevelt Hall, the building that houses the Interior Design program. We worked with each other to find a solution to the aging problems with the building and to bring the building up to par with the standards that we learn about in the classroom. Within the next few years, the building will receive upgrades to enhance the learning environment.
    After showing my dedication to the field, profession, and our school, I was elected as president of EMU's chapter. My plan for this coming year with Student ASID is to maintain my involvement with our students, but to also extend my work to other students, as well as the Student ASID board. I want to become as involved as I can, and would like to take part in any project or initiative directed towards me. I look forward to the opportunity, and look forward to meeting everyone at the upcoming meetings in the fall.


Please feel free to reach out to Eitan as the incoming Student Representative to the Board to his email here: Eitan Mendelson
Annual Design Event 2014

Please visit our Facebook page to view images of the wonderful event hosted by Steelcase and Worklab by Custer!

Thank you all who supported the event and to those in attendance!

Here are some of our favorite Photo Booth shots!
(If you don't see your shot here- we will be adding an additional album of the photos we received from the vendor to our Facebook page)

Here's to the bright new future of ASID Michigan.


Your 2014 Board of Directors

President Cynthia Hensie, ASID
President Elect Jeff Kolp, Allied ASID
Member at Large Tina Rossi, Allied ASID
Membership Director Christina Bliss, ASID
Financial Director Rebecca L. Luckhardt, ASID Industry Partner
Professional Development Director Cynthia A. Hahn, Allied ASID
Communications Director Brittany Walsh, Allied ASID
Emerging Professional Director Korinne Ishmel, Allied ASID
Student Representative to the Board Eitan Mendelson, Student ASID

Quote of the Month
Brought to you by: Cynthia Hencsie

"I like spring, but it's too young, I like summer, but It's too proud.  So I like best of all autumn, because it's tone is mellower, its colours are richer, and it is tinged with a little sorrow.  It's golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor of the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age.  It knows the limitations of life and its content."  Lin Yutang

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