Exotic Materials and ASME 

Do you struggle finding a trusted metal fabricator who has experience working with exotic metals?  A metal fabricator with a welder workmanship program accompanied by an array or quality certifications?   CMW is experienced working with various grades of titanium, hastelloy, inconel and monel, duplex stainless, aluminum and more.  Whether it's a new fabrication or a component that needs repair, CMW can accommodate your need.
Monel 400 Heat Exchanger
Exotic Metals

Carver Machine Works fabricates, welds and machines many kinds of metals, including common metals such as carbon and stainless steel but we specialize in fabrications featuring titanium, aluminum, hastelloy, duplex stainless, inconel and monel.  

This heat exchanger is comprised primarily of Monel 400 with 316 stainless attachments.  Using the GTAW process we used monel 60 welding wire to weld the monel to monel, inconel 625 welding wire to weld the monel to 316 stainless and 316 stainless welding wire to weld the 316 to 316 attachments.

After fabrication was completed we performed a hydro-static test to 246 psig witnessed and signed off by an AI.

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels
ASME Fabrication

We are ASME "U" and National Board "R" stamp accredited, allowing us to fabricate and repair pressure rated vessels by the standards certified through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  Here is an example of a small ASME code vessel we fabricated for a customer on the west coast.  Pictured on the left is vessel during the hydro-static test.  On the right is the final product being crated for shipment.

We've found the pockets of demand for CMW services are small, complex ASME rated pressure vessels that require post-weld machining.  Matching our in-house capabilities  with the projects requirements lend itself to a more competitive and prosperous relationship between CMW and our customers.

CMW is Quality

Our commitment to quality is the foundation of who we are.  Our robust and many quality certifications speak to our dedication to satisfying our customer's needs.  We understand the importance of a detailed review and risk analysis on every quality critical project before manufacturing.
Our disciplined manufacturing process include quality checklists that document we have completed the review of critical items; weld procedures, MTRs (material trace-ability), welder workmanship training, weld maps, drawing revision control, hold points and Authorized Inspector (AI) sign-off for ASME pressure vessels and more.

As our Quality Policy states, we are CMW:
Continuous improvement to meet performance goals;
Meeting customer requirements;
Working to increase customer satisfaction

Our customers demand the disciplined and reliable quality we provide.

Our Mission

Our mission for Carver Machine Works is to add value to our customers through our superior quality, extensive experience, and cost effective solutions.  We strive to enhance and ensure the success of our customers as well as increase value for our employee owners.

About Us

 Carver Machine Works is an engineering centered, disciplined metal fabricator.  We provide world-class welding fabrications, precision machining capabilities, mechanical assembly and rebuild services.
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