Well, It Isn't Rocket Science
Wow, there is so much we could talk about right now, so many changes on the planet, so much fear still, and so much light.

When I asked J.T. what he wanted to address, he said, "Well, it isn't rocket science," and started laughing his wonderful laugh.

He says, "It's time to UN-complicate things. Life on Earth has been very complicated lately, so let's see if we can change that."

He reminds me of the card I pulled in the beginning of the year for January from the Channeling J.T. Oracle Cards deck - Clutter. Apparently, this card is for all of us right now. We have all added clutter to our lives in ways we may not realize. The clutter of the election, the clutter of the shutdowns, the clutter of the virus, the clutter of wearing masks, the clutter of feeling like you can't hug your family, friends, neighbors. On some level, we are all suffering from this clutter, and J.T. says it is within our control to UN-clutter and UN-complicate.

Easy for him to say!

In January, he has been showing me how to do this. He says it starts with the past. What he means is that our response to our present is because of our experiences in the past. By healing the past experiences that were less than comforting and supportive, we can look at our present and future differently.

My childhood was less than ideal. I look back and wonder how I came out of it sane. Of course, like J.T. just said, it's up to me what I do with this. I can replay the story of my childhood and the craziness I had to overcome, or I can heal it and not have it color my world anymore.

There are many ways to heal this, of course! I do have to say I also had a wonderful mentor in my late twenties and early thirties, Dr. Beth Hedva, who helped me re-frame my world. There are still unhealed fragments of my past that surface every now and then. These could be my own regrets on how I handled certain situations, or a wound that occurred for whatever reason. Now when these resurface to clutter my world and my judgment, I ask J.T., "Okay, what do I need to do to heal this so it doesn't come back again?" Here's what he says:

  1. Acknowledge what is happening. Acknowledge your response is probably colored by a past experience. Ask, "Is this from the past, yes or no?" Tune into the answer. You will know it in your soul.
  2. Ask for help from your Divine Helpers and Healers. "I ask that all of my helpers and healers assist me in this release. I give you permission to release this for me."
  3. Identify what needs to be released. Ask your helpers to give you the memory of what happened in the past that is creating the response you are having now. Remember, you are not going back to that memory. You are receiving it in current day as the observer.
  4. Ask your helpers to release what happened. "Helpers, healers, please release any energy that is currently influencing me from the situation where _____________(insert the memory here). I ask that you release it completely, fully and permanently from my energy."
  5. Allow. Really allow the energy to be released. Sometimes we hold onto something because we feel our identity is wrapped within it. It is not. Let it go and allow.
  6. Once you sense the release, which may feel like energy lifting, or feeling lighter, then ask for healing light energy to come into your body to fill in all the spaces. "Helpers, healers, please bring in healing light energy to fill me from head to toe."
  7. Allow!
  8. Once you sense you are filled, thank you helpers! Then be easy on yourself. Don't put yourself into any triggering situations for the next couple of days, if possible.

This healing can be done on any memory, and yes, it might need to be repeated depending on the situation and how much you can release at one time. Have faith and trust your own spidey-sense! This will help you UN-clutter your energy, which also helps to re-frame how you see present and future situations.

J.T. has a great meditation for all J.T.'s Dragonfly Club members this month that will also help heal heart space wounds! Scroll down for details!

Also, if you feel it is a bit overwhelming to do this on your own, we offer the H.O.P.E. Session.

The bottom line is it isn't rocket science! We have more to say about our responses and CLUTTER than you might believe! Take the first step in reclaiming your present and future!
Upcoming Classes!
We have some new class offerings, and some old favorites for February! Hope you can join us this month!
Intuitive Tarot for Beginners!
with Birgit Halbreiter
We have two special classes this month, Introduction to Intuitive Tarot, and a 5-Week Intuitive Tarot Course for Beginners, both via Zoom! I am so excited to offer this class through the Psychic Center of Colorado! Here's the info:

Introduction to Intuitive Tarot Via Zoom
When: Wednesday, February 17th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Cost: $20

5-Week Intuitive Tarot Course for Beginners Via Zoom
Wednesdays, 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24
4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Cost: $150

Please note: You will need to have the Rider Waite Tarot deck on hand for this training. Visit the link below for retailer links.
Heart Centered Reiki for
Personal Healing Via Zoom
Healing the Heart, Spirit and Soul
No prerequisite is required for this class. All are welcome!

All of us have heart wounds, from this lifetime and other lifetimes. We can carry these wounds with us, to learn from them and experience our world through their lenses.

It is time to work on these wounds, understand them, and learn how they are holding us from being who we are here in this incarnation.

When: Monday, February 15th 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Cost: $55

We will be doing meditations, so please be sure you will in a quiet space and undisturbed for the duration of the class.
Animal Reiki Certification
for Current Reiki Practitioners Via Zoom
Animals Love Reiki!
Prerequisite: You must be at least a Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner

In this class, we learn about animal chakras and how to use Holy Fire Reiki to determine where the animal needs healing. You will receive the Animal Reiki Symbol placement and Holy Fire placement to upgrade your Reiki energy to Holy Fire if you are not already a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner.

Since this is a Zoom class, we will be using our own animals or substitutes for practice, such as stuffed animals as representatives.

There will also be a 15 minute follow-up call with the instructor scheduled a month after the class to discuss any questions you may have about Animal Reiki. Students are expected to practice on their own animals or “borrowed” animals prior to the call.

When: Monday, February 22nd 4:30p Pacific, 5:30p Mountain, 6:30p Central, 7:30p Eastern
Cost: $90
J.T.'s Dragonfly Club
"Together, We Learn To Fly"
- J.T. Baptista
There's still time to join J.T.'s Dragonfly Club!

If you are looking for a like-minded community to enhance your intuitive skills, JOIN J.T.'S DRAGONLFLY CLUB!

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Here's our February calendar:
Wednesday, February 10th - Q&A with the Masters
Thursday, February 25th - Training with the Masters

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Channeling J.T. Podcast
Episode 2 is ready!
Upcoming Holy Fire Reiki Classes
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Free Full Moon Meditation for February
Friday, February 26th
Each month I offer a free meditation at the full moon. We use the moon's energy to set intention and figure out what we need to release, and what we need to bring into our lives to be living as fully in purpose as possible.
These are done via Zoom and are very powerful! We invite you to join us for our February meditation! Use the button to register!
Remember the Heart
Our hearts do more than pump blood through the system!
The heart is an incredible organ. It truly is what keeps us alive and thriving. You also have an energetic heart. It is through this energetic heart that we experience the Universe. What you feel in this heart is sent out like an instant message to all of the Universe, which means what is reflected back to you is exactly what you put out.

So, if you send out the message of insecurity, feeling unloved, or not good enough, the Universe will mirror this back to you and send you more of the same.

But you can change this! Stop yourself when you begin bad-mouthing who you are, putting yourself down, or speak any words about yourself that are negative. If you can catch yourself when you do this, and then change the wording and feeling, you will be able to change the patterns of your life!

As soon as that negative thought comes in, says, "STOP! This is not true. I am beautiful, capable, abundant and healthy!" Even if you don't believe the words, feel in your heart this is true. Feel what it's like to be beautiful, capable, abundant, and healthy. Be in that feeling and hold it!

Just as you got into the habit of talking negatively about yourself, you can retrain to speak positively!

Your heart is your gateway to all wonderful adventures! Use it to create the adventures you want to have.

Happy February! Stay healthy and happy!
Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay
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