We have some good news and some bad news. Which would you like first?
Ok -- good news first.
Our goal for Christmas was to raise money for 500 pairs of shoes for non-sponsored children. We crushed that goal by raising over 600 pairs!!! Thank you sponsors for your generosity!!!!!!

Pastor Brian will be leading a team of people to Kenya & Rwanda from April 30-May 14. They will see projects firsthand, meet some of the children that received new shoes, and deliver more money to buy more shoes. The team will also be seeing firsthand the 4000 children that are being fed with the Feeding Programs each week and microloan projects. They will also be training mothers, staff and leaders.
There is room on the team if you act fast! Email  admin@homeofhope.ca  now!
Now for some bad news....
6300 CLOSED Rwandan Churches
All of our Home of Hope Projects are based out of Home Church locations.
Sadly, 13 of our Home Church Campuses have been closed and 7 others are desperately needing money to stay open. Some have a week more to raise money or will also be closed.
The government has put new building codes for churches into place that include the following: building with finished plastered walls, cement floor, sound proofing walls to not disturb neighbors, rain water collection, 4 toilets and paved parking lots! Most of our projects are in rural areas where there are very poor people living in mud huts nearby. The churches are where Home of Hope has feeding programs helping 1000’s of children, animals projects, shoes projects, microloans and monthly sponsorship.

Prayer and donations of any amount would be much appreciated!
Let's go back to some more good news...
Microloan Project: better than ever!
240 Microloans in Congo are active RIGHT NOW!
This project alone is helping around 1000 children!
We are so thankful for our amazing sponsors who have given to the Microloan Project!
Here is a courageous woman, named Christine, who is a survivor of sexual abuse in the Congo. She is leading 24 women in a "sewing microloan cooperative." With the money from their HOH microloan, they purchased 3 sewing machines and supplies. They make clothes ready-to-wear and sell in market. Their dream is to get 21 more machines ($150 each) so every woman will have a machine and they can work together to develop a big sewing company. How amazing!
Look at these amazing food carts that were made in Congo!
So far, we have 5 HOH food carts in Congo (in picture), over 40 in Kenya!

THANK YOU DermaNuva for raising $13,640 for these food carts!
Over $3000 was raised at the annual Tailgate Silent Auction in February - THANK YOU!

SAVE THE DATE for next year Feb 3, 2019
Corporate Sponsors
We love our Corporate Sponsors and pray for them regularly.
Check out what these 4 do and send them some referrals!
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Rebar & reinforcing steel
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4 Upcoming Teams, 4 Different Countries
  1. August: MALAWI with Pastor Brian & Florence Thomson (this will be the first HOH trip to go to Malawi! How fun would it be to join this pioneering trip?!) If you are daring, you could also join them as they go to Congo afterwards.
  2. November: KENYA & RWANDA with Dan Peters Discovery Tour
  3. February 2019: INDIA with Pastor Brian & Hillary (they will also be going to Myanmar afterwards)
  4. May 2019: KENYA & RWANDA with Pastor Ed (from Olds, AB)
Thank you for your support - it means the world to us! We couldn't do what we do without our amazing sponsors and corporate sponsors!

If you ever have a prayer request, please email it to us! info@homeofhope.ca

~The Home of Hope Team
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