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It's June now, but SAVE THE DATE for July 15-16!


ALL yardage, one-yard cut or more, ON SALE!
One-yard cut -- 10% off!
Two-yard cut -- 20% off!
Three-yard cut or more -- 30% off!

t-shirts or shopping bags into the store anytime during the month of JUNE,

and with the purchase of a layer cake or jelly roll, you can receive FREE any pattern priced at $12 or less! (in stock only)

And speaking of patterns, we have gotten in many new books & patterns recently!
LATE NITE: "Free Fat Quarter After Four"
Monday, June 13th
9 am – 9 pm

We are open late that evening until 9:00 pm for your extended shopping convenience!

And after 4:00 pm, get a free fat quarter with your purchase! (One free fat quarter per person.)
Sit 'n' Sew
Saturday, June 18th
9 am – 1:30 pm

Wilma says to bring your machines, materials, and your enthusiasm as we all each work on our own projects and together receive inspiration and encouragement from one another in an open-sewing environment!

Fred, you can come, too!
Upcoming Quilting Classes!
Tuesday, June 7th,
9 am--4 pm

Instructor: Nina Clotfelter
Fee: $75
Level: Beginner*
(Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

Grid Work is the base for MANY quilting designs and is a needed tool in your free motion quilting! You’ll learn over 22 Grid Work quilting designs while making a sampler to refer to later. We’ll start with a few simple designs, then move into what looks difficult, while learning the tricks to making them. Once the grid line disappears, you’ll be amazed! The possibilities are endless with Grid Work!

More detailed information, registration info, etc. can be found by clicking here!
Nina Clotfelter has been sewing all her life. Starting with sewing clothing since she was 13, then getting “Bitten by the Quilting Bug”, as a close friend says. Nina is a Domestic Machine quilter and loves to share all the possibilities with you. When she discovered the Free Motion Quilting part of making a quilt…Nina’s life changed, the universe opened and Nina’s world was set right! This is her favorite part of the quilting process and she shares all the tips and tricks to make it easier for you to get going and have success.

As an Educator for WonderFil Threads, Nina has a lot of THREAD knowledge she’ll be happy to share with you! She also enjoys hand work and showing you all kinds of other ways to be creative. You’re sure to learn a lot and have fun in one of Nina’s classes as she’s an upbeat and positive person! (Teaching is her life calling!)
Nina has taught at Houston Quilt Festival for the past 2 years, (virtually then in person), and will be teaching 5 classes this year at Houston Quilt Festival.

Nina lives in Mobile, AL. She has a cheering squad of 4 grown children, (including 2 amazing in laws), 2 sweet grandsons, and her husband of 35 years.
Wednesday, June 8th,
9 am-4 pm

Instructor: Nina Clotfelter
Fee: $125 (Class kit included)
Level: Beginner*
(Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

In this Beginner class, you learn how to hold and work with RULERS on your domestic machine.  We start at the beginning with how to prepare the RULER and why this is important. We work with a special RULER designed just for this class with 4 different shapes on it. By the end of class each student has successfully managed the RULER as well as learned to think with a RULER and created a block using the RULER. RULER Work is a GREAT way to enhance your Free Motion Quilting! This opens up a whole new world to you as a quilter!!! You MUST have a Ruler Foot for your machine.
See Nina's bio above.

More detailed information, registration info, etc. can be found here!
Thursday, June 9th,
9 am-4 pm

Instructor: Nina Clotfelter
Fee: $85 (includes class kit)
Level: Beginner*
(Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

Thread Painting is like a Chameleon…it can be a lot of things. In this class you’ll learn all the different kinds of thread painting: on fabric, on different stabilizers, on netting. Then you’ll make this little flower design learning how to apply all those techniques you’ve just learned while learning what thread sketching is. You’ll find ways to use your new Thread Painting skills in your quilts!
Warning: This can be addicting!
See Nina's bio above.

More detailed information, registration info, etc. can be found here!
Friday, June 10th,
9 am-4 pm

Instructor: Nina Clotfelter
Fee: $95 (includes class kit)
Level: Beginner*
(Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

This is the funnest class you’ll EVER take! You can NOT make a mistake in this class! REALLY!!! We take left over scraps, yes, real scraps you would throw away. You’ll add all kinds of fun things to it and make a beautiful wall hanging! This is a fun way to practice your free motion quilting skills, and there are no hard decisions to make either. Come join in this uniquely fun day of exploration!
(This technique is not washable; it will always be wall decor.)
See Nina's biio above.
See a video of this project here!

Registration info can be found here!
Saturday, June 11th
9 am-1 pm

Instructor: Sharon McCann
Fee: $63 (includes book at 10% off) or $45 without book
Book not required, but a great resource.
Level: Any/Beginner*

This class is for any skill level and is designed to help you fashion your t-shirts to be used in a t-shirt quilt. Sharon will teach how to prepare the shirts, cut them, and piece them together with sashing and cornerstones. Create a memorable quality keepsake quilt!

More detailed information, registration info, etc. can be found here!
Saturday, June 25th
9 am-2 pm

Instructor: Sharon McCann
Fee: $45 (includes pattern)
Level: Confident Beginner*
(Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

This is just a great patriotic quilt! Sew with us in this class to make your newest project. Increase your piecing knowledge and skills while working on the three quilt components that form this beauty -- Friendship Star, Hour Glass, and a modified Nine-Patch. Techniques will be shown for each component.
More detailed information, supply lists, registration info, etc. can be found here!
Tuesday, July 19th
10 am-3:30 pm

Instructor: Joyce Holley
Class ONLY Fee: $80 (includes pattern)
Class Fee with REQUIRED RULER: $137.77 (includes pattern)
Wedge Star Ruler available and is 10% off
Level: Confident Beginner/Advanced Beginner*
Other general supplies will be needed.
(Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

Hollywood Boulevard is a bright and fun quilt to construct. Create your own walk of fame using the Wedge Star® tool and a strip piecing process! Adding Log Cabin style strips to Twisted Wedge Star blocks creates a fun, more modern setting for this design. Learn the basics of the new Wedge Star Tool™ from Studio 180.  Choose a lap, twin, or full/queen size for your project. Wedge Star Tool required. Pre-class prep work needed.

Joyce is an energetic quilt instructor who truly delights in quilting and loves sharing this art form through teaching classes, leading retreats, sharing quilts in trunk shows, lecturing and demonstrating techniques and best practices. Her passion is for precision pieced quilts.

Joyce's quilting journey began in the early 80's with her making her first hand pieced and quilted quilt (well sort of). By putting her home economics vocational teaching experience into practice, and with a hunger for learning and perfecting precision piecing, Joyce began and continues to take classes and she practices point perfect precision techniques. This has led her to becoming a Studio 180 Certified Quilt Instructor.

Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Tools and Rulers have been a great discovery for her. Joyce enjoys piecing and designing with the Studio 180 Tools. She would love to share the joy of quilting with you from the simple, to the intricate. Joyce is known for her compassion, enthusiasm and encouragement!
Further details and registration info can be found here!
Tuesday & Wednesday, July 26th-27th
9:00 am-3:30 pm

A 2-Day Class with
Instructor: Joyce Holley
Class ONLY Fee: $120 (includes pattern)
Class Fee with REQUIRED RULERS: $300.43 (includes pattern)
Level: Confident Beginner/Advanced Beginner*
Three tools are required and are priced at 10% off.
Other general supplies will be needed. (Student may want to bring lunch or snack)

Hunter’s Sky combines the Hunter’s Star Blocks and the Nine-Patch Star Blocks. When the blocks come together, they form a double set of eight pointed stars, one with diamonds and the other with triangles. The Nine-Patch Star is what gives the quilt that beautiful circular motion.

Both the Hunter’s Star Block and Nine-Patch Star Blocks are made with a Dark Background, Light Accent and eight Assorted Bright fabrics. As designed, this quilt has a Dark Background Border. Alternatively, you could elect to substitute that for a printed fabric or add a traditional border in addition to the Dark Background Border. Hunter’s Sky comes together easily with the Studio 180 Design’s Wedge Star™, V Block™, and Tucker Trimmer III™ tools which are required.
See Joyce's bio above.

 Further details and registration info can be found here!
*Piecing and Quilting Class Descriptions
Please note: students are usually very humble in their skill assessment-so all our levels are some form of a beginner ☺

True Beginner Class
These classes are for first or near first time quilters. The instructors will be covering cutting, accurate seam allowance, basic sewing machine skills as the project is worked on.
Confident Beginner
These classes are designed to further develop your quilting skills. The projects are picked with the skills to be learned in mind. We try and rotate the skills taught. For example, half-square triangle, flying geese, strip-piecing. These classes are great follow-up classes from the True Beginner classes.
Advanced Beginner
An advanced beginner class is for those students who are comfortable with rotary cutting, pre-class prep work, and with their machine. Usually there is prep work involved to be done outside of the class. These classes usually involve a project to be completed at home after skills are taught.
These classes are designed to teach concepts such as curved piecing or specialty rulers. It is assumed that the student is stitching accurate seams and is ready to advance their skills to the next level. There is usually homework or prep work involved.
These classes are designed for advanced quilters. There is usually prep work, and homework involved to finish the project. Skills taught are going to be more intricate and complex. Accurate seam allowance and cutting skills are a must. It’s possible that a pre-requisite skill may be required (will be listed as needed). An example would be a double wedding ring, miniatures or “show” ready quilts.

*Class supply lists will be emailed after registration is complete.
*Receive 10% off all class supplies.
*Bottled water available. Snacks and lunch may be brought in the instance where the class runs through meal time.
*Call 660-656-3325 to sign up today!
Oh my GOODNESS! We are having a BIG SALE on our shop sample quilts right now!! If you haven't had time to make a quilt lately or don't even desire to quilt, but you love quilts, THIS SALE IS FOR YOU!

You can always shop our samples on our website! LOTS OF THEM MARKED WAY DOWN!
Stitch Regulator!
(ACCUSTITCH is compatible with the Brother PQ1500SL straight stitch machine and its "sister" machine, the Babylock QCP/Accomplish.)
QUILT FROM HOME with this perfect stitch regulator on your domestic home sewing machine! It's manufactured by ABM International, the creators of our famous INNOVA Longarm machines! "Built to Quilt"! With easy installation, it works great with rulers!

Come try it out at Hunters Quilt Mart on June 6th and 7th at 11:00 am!
We are currently offering a "Quilter's Combo"! With your purchase of the Brother PQ1500SL for $799.00 and the ACCUSTITCH for $999.00, you can receive bonus items valued at $65.35!!
Meet Jerri if you haven’t. 😊 Jerri has loved sewing since the time her grandmother first put a needle in Jerri’s hand at the age of seven. She made her own doll clothes, purses & other things ALL by hand until she got her first sewing machine at the age of nineteen.

Jerri did not begin making her first quilt until 2005 when she started participating in her first Block of the Month. At her grandma’s passing, Jerri inherited her sewing room. ❤ Her grandmother had been a hand quilter! She enjoyed making applique quilts and always had her quilt frame in the window. About that same time, Jerri began reading quilt piecing magazines and started learning how to piece after meeting a nice lady at a quilt guild who mentored her. Jerri went on to complete her first paper-pieced quilt – start to finish – and lovingly gave it to her granddaughter in 2010!

From 2010-2013, Jerri and her husband worked at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home as house parents, and she started watching videos about quilting, learning so much during that time. She finally got the courage to finish her first BOM in 2014 that she had started in 2005! A teacher by training, Jerri also started teaching locally at JCCA for the 2018-2019 school year and after 13 years, she was able to have it quilted here at Hunters!

She remembers well the day that she came in to shop, and Jeanine asked her if she would be interested in making samples. She said yes! She had only finished four quilts before she began making samples for us in 2019. ❤ No doubt, you have seen the beautiful work Jerri has done over the past several years. Recently, she completed a shop sample that Amy & Jeanine's mom has on her bed! It is gorgeous! (pics below)

Currently as Jerri continues to treasure those memories of her grandma’s sewing room, she heads up "Hunters Humble Hands are Sew Powerful", our chapter of the Sew Powerful Purse Project that meets here at the quilt shop. (See article below.) Jerri loves being a part of this Missions Project and encouraging people. She is also thankful for her three daughters and two sons-in-love and five grandchildren. They are God’s gifts, and she has made every effort to pass on the love of the needle arts to her children and grandchildren. Her oldest daughter does beautiful embroidery.

Thank you, Jerri, for being part of our wonderful team here at Hunters Quilt Mart! ❤
INNOVA Longarm Training Classes!!
Register anytime here.

The following classes will be offered on:
Tuesday - Thursday, July 5 - 7, 2022 
Tuesday 9:30 to 11:30 AM -- Maintenance -- $35
In this class, we will cover cleaning, oiling, changing the needle, rotating the sewhead, and dive extensively into understanding and setting tension properly. 

Tuesday 12:30 to 2:30 PM -- Get Started With Your INNOVA -- $35
This class is a great introduction to learning about your INNOVA Longarm. We will cover the basics of loading a quilt on the frame, threading the machine, changing a bobbin, setting your Towa tension gauge and understanding how to use your Lightning Stitch computer.

Wednesday 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM -- Quilting Edge to Edge with AutoPilot Mach 3 -- $75
This class will teach you the basics to get you successfully quilting edge to edge on your INNOVA Longarm. You will receive hands-on experience so that you can be confident with setting tension, setting up your quilt project, advancing your quilt and finishing it! We will answer any questions and walk you through multiple different scenarios you might encounter while quilting edge to edge.

(The longarm training classes above are also available for a fee as refresher courses.)

Thursday 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM -- Longarm Custom Quilting with INNOVA AutoPilot -- $100
This class goes extensively into using the tools and capabilities of the AutoPilot for custom quilting. It will cover each tool and equip you with many ideas on how to use your AutoPilot to quilt custom work, including blocks and borders. Plan to have your creativity matched by the capability of this amazing software as you learn how to use each tool and apply it to a quilt.
We have a previously-owned 2018 INNOVA 22" machine for sale! The INNOVA 22” gives you the ability to quilt an entire 12” block set on point without having to advance your quilt.
This machine is a great size for any quilter and preferred by most.

This one comes with the Lightning Stitch digital stitch regulator, a 12’ frame, and a light bar! It is a free motion machine, but Mach 3 computerization can be added, if desired. Delivery and installation are available for an additional fee.

Call Amy at 660-525-2123 for more info!
Sewing/Giving Opportunity!

Hi! My name is Jerri. 

I will be hosting meetings usually on the Sit 'n' Sew days here at Hunters for a new chapter of The Sew Powerful Purse Project.
The Sew Powerful Purse program helps girls get feminine hygiene supplies to be able to stay in school all month saving them six weeks of school on average. It also supports seamstresses in Lusaka Zambia with training and good paying jobs. The Zambian team makes purposeful products (school uniforms, reusable feminine hygiene products, soap and farm fresh food) all designed to keep kids in school.

I have named our chapter Hunters Humble Hands are Sew Powerful.

We will have our next meeting on Saturday, June 25th starting at 9:00 am. I will be here all day to sew with you. You can also drop off purses, cards, or donations for shipping to Washington. Come join me as we bless girls in Zambia by creating the perfect way to distribute these supplies to girls in health class.

See more items for sale on our website here!

There's a NEW shop hop in town! Or rather -- in our wonderful State of Missouri!

The "All Missouri Shop Hop" (AMSH) is coming in September and October of this year. Over 50 stores, hundreds of prizes, and a FREE gift at every store!

Here at Hunters Quilt Mart, we are excited to participate!

For a small fee, pick up your AMSH magazine/passport at our store in July to begin planning your route!

Besides an Official Passport and Maps of Stores, the magazine contains patterns, articles and other resources for sewing and quilting.

Each person in your party will need a passport in order to register for prizes.

The AMSH fabric line features vintage travel postcards from the great state of Missouri. There is one main panel, a medium all over print featuring the actual postcards, a smaller overall print featuring postmarks from Missouri, and a word toss print in three matching color ways.

See it on their website, and find a list of participating shops & other information!

Orders can be placed for any of the items you see by:

  • calling the shop at 660-656-3325
  • by shopping our website at quiltmart.com
  • by messaging us through Facebook

Please include your email address with your order, and we will send you an invoice to pay with your credit card. Thanks!
American Dream by Dani Mogstad for Riley Blake designs is everything you want in a patriotic collection. If your favorite color is freedom, you'll love these florals, bursts, stars in plaids and patchwork.
American Dream is featured in this Panel Quilt and Runner kit! They finish at 61" x 70" & 18" x 66".

$76.99/kit. Shop our website!
Quilting pattern is Chantilly Lace.
FLOWERS! OF ALL KINDS! Check out this bountiful bouquet of bolts from Quilting Treasures! By Dan Morris, it's simply called "Blossom". All things floral here! In an array of beautiful colors. Vibrantly digital for $10.99/yard! We have precuts, too! Layer cakes and jelly rolls - $42; Charms - $11.49

You can shop this link for the precuts, yardage, and the advanced beginner "All In Bloom" quilt kit pictured below. What a vision!!

Finishing at an eye-popping 56" x 69", this kit features Blossom and includes the pattern by Heidi Pridemore of The Whimsical Workshop and the fabric needed for your quilt top & binding. We used the Rose Bushes quilting pattern on our shop sample! $123.99/kit. EARN REWARDS BY PURCHASING THIS KIT!

Old Timers 36 x 44 - $13.99
High and Mighty America 36 x 44 - $13.99
Giraffe 36 x 44 - $13.99
Stay Till Winter (Hoffman Spectrum Print) 31 x 44 - $11.99
"Tactile is FIGO's first collection of woven fabrics! It celebrates the tangible joy we feel when we touch beautiful fabrics. The outstanding quality, hand-feel and weight of this fabric make it a perfect choice for garment sewing as we as quilting. There are 4 different weaving techniques and designs offered in 12 trendy colorways. Use them to make a beautiful breezy summer dress or add texture to your patchwork project for a sophisticated look." $11.49/yard

The Zoe Quilt Kit features Tactile Wovens by FIGO Studios and is so wonderfully geometric & stripey!! Finishing at 56" x 67", the kit includes pattern (by Erica Jackman) and fabric for quilt top & binding. $81.99 We used the Bobbing for Apples quilt pattern on our shop sample!
Shop for Tactile yardage and kit here.
It's "Flower Festival" time! Enjoy these beauties from Benartex! Morning Glories, Magnolias, Swirling Vines, Damask Roses, Plumes, Thistles, & more! $10.99/yard.

This yummy creation features Acorn Harvest and is called "Piece of Cake". The kit includes the pattern by Pieced Tree Patterns and the fabric needed to make the 48" x 56" quilt top & binding. $57.99/kit.

Shop quiltmart.com for the yardage on sale and for the kit here!
This sweet quilt really IS Sew Cute! Not just because that's the name of the pattern/kit, but also because it features "Nice Ice Baby" by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake. $10.99/yard 🐧

Depictions of narwhals, polar bears, penguins, snowflakes, icebergs, and more. The "Sew Cute" kit includes pattern (by Molly Cook for Villa Rosa Designs) as well as fabric needed for quilt top & binding. Finishes at 45" x 60". $55.99/kit.

We quilted our shop sample with the Flurries design!

Follow this link to shop for yardage and kit!
Remember "Flirt"? Love Lives Here.❤ This makes our heart beat faster! 💓

This "Love Lives Here" Quilt Kit includes pattern by Sweetwater for Moda and their Flirt Sampler unbleached cotton canvas panel along with other Flirt pieces to make your quilt top & binding.

Finishes at 75" x 75" -- $115.99. Quilting pattern is Hearts and Loops Simple.

Shop for this kit, the yardage, panel, precuts, & a different Flirt pattern online here.
This beautiful fall quilt features the Autumn Comfort Flannels by Kanvas Studio for Benartex!

The "Pumpkin Spice" Quilt Kit includes a FREE pattern and the fabric needed for quilt top & binding. Be ready for those chilly Autumn evenings with this cozy 52" x 64" creation!

We used the Great Pumpkin quilting pattern on our shop sample. Shop for all the bounty here!
The bountiful fabrilicious Maple Hill yardage by Kansas Troubles Quilters has made it here to join the precuts -- charm packs, honey buns, jelly rolls, layer cakes, and even fat quarter bundles!! Just $10.99/yard!

Shop our website here!

Psalm 19:1-2 "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge."

Here to brighten up your day or night is the yardage of Ombre Galaxy by V and Co for Moda. Find patterns, precuts, yardage, and kit here!
New grouping of flannel!! CANVAS flannel from Northcott in 15 yummy colors such as Cabernet, Cafe Au Lait, French Vanilla, Coffee Bean, Curry, and Merlot. Nice texture, too! $11.99/yard. Shop our website here!
Restocking one of our favorites! Toscana blenders from Northcott! YUM!
"Bird Humbug" is so tweet! $11.49/yard
You can have the cutest coffee bar around with this combo.

Coffee Connoisseur is featured in this "But First Coffee" Table Runner/Placemat Kit. It includes the free pattern and the fabric needed to make one 12" x 42" table runner and 4 placemats! Pre-printed panel for center of table runner also included.

We used the "Bluster" quilting pattern on our shop sample! $64.99/kit.

Four bright new beautiful 108" widebacks in!
Lutece (2 colors), Aziza, and Gingko! $19.99/yard
Garden Gatherings and Garden Gatherings Shirtings precuts are here!

Layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm packs, honey buns, fat quarter bundles, and fat eighth bundles!

By Primitive Gatherings for Moda.

Check out Moda's helpful Precuts 101 chart when shopping for precuts.
Oh, the sweetness of this NEW "House and Home" collection just in from Poppie Cotton! By Michael Marko. 22 bolts of pure fabric heaven. It will calm the soul with its pale pinks and peaches, soft mints, whites, sky blues and charcoal color mixes.

The collection gets its name from the main print which has drawings of homes, butterflies, strawberries, bunnies, bowls of picked wild flowers, garden hat, vegetables and vases of flowers ready to be put on the kitchen table. 🥰 We couldn't help ourselves taking pictures! $11.49/yard

Be watching for a kit! 👀
Here are some cats to make you happy! 🐾🐱🐱🐈🐈🐾

Purr-fect Cats by Terry Runyan Creative - $10.99/yard

The 48" x 63" Purr-fect Pals kit includes FREE pattern and the fabric needed for quilt top & binding. $73.99
As the sun sets over a cottage garden, the bright day's sky slowly turns to the soft blush and gold shades of twilight. The night air is scented with fresh earth, ripe berries and sweet apples, and as midnight arrives, the garden is transformed into a strikingly beautiful stillness colored in shades of charcoal and moonlight.

Welcome to 26 bolts and precuts of "Midnight in the Garden"! This stuff is GORGEOUS!! By Sweetfire Road for Moda. The gold shades in these pieces give it an unbelievable 3-D appearance! $10.99/yard.

Take a look at the two kits (below) that we have made up for you! Layers of Love and Evening Primrose can both be found by clicking the link above.

New batik arrivals!

Bali Palettes in "sherbets" and "naturals"! $11.49

Shop our batiks here!
*There’s always sunshine after the rain*.

Whatever season of life you're in, and whatever renewal you need, we hope you find inspiration here with "Renew" among the rainbows, confetti, words of encouragement, sunshine, and cheery plaids.
Renew is by Sweetwater for Moda.

Follow this link to shop for Renew yardage, precuts, fat quarter bundles, and the 64" x 72" Patches quilt kit we made up for you featuring Renew and Sweetwater's Patches pattern. Includes pattern and fabric for top & binding. $111.99
Cozy up with a collection of designs from the past with the look and feel of cross stitched and quilted.

"Threads That Bind" is also exquisitely energized with large scale floral prints, small vines, and a smattering of geometric accents.
"Threads That Bind" is just in by Blackbird Designs for Moda, along with their quilt book, "In Full Bloom".
You’ll find this fabric adds the perfect tactile touch to your next quilted project! $10.99/yard

Follow this link to shop.
UM...Our eyes sure did light up at these beautiful summer blue, brown, tan, & cream prints!

"DecorUM" is just in from BasicGrey for Moda with these swirly whirly flowers of all kinds with leaves, dots, and even geometrics combined for such a unique effect! Just absolutely eye-catching!

Precuts available also!!

We've also got a sweet "Home Decor" quilt kit featuring Decorum to finish at 72" x 84". $196.99/kit.

And "Square Dance" quilt kit finishing at 59" x 70.5". $145.99/kit.

They both include pattern and fabric for quilt top & binding.

"The Ancients" Panel Quilt Kit is fiery, fanciful, and amazing! Featuring "Dragons - The Ancients" fabric panel by Jason Yenter, the kit includes FREE pattern and the fabric needed to complete your quilt top & binding! Finishes at 56" x 62". We used the "Heat Wave" quilting pattern on our shop sample! $44.99 per kit. EARN REWARDS BY PURCHASING THIS KIT!
Aliens, planets, & space ships! Oh my! The eyes are watching you!
Check out these fun Amazing Aliens Glow prints by Hannah of Pencil and Ink Studios for Blank Textiles. They glow in the dark!! $11.99/yard
Shop this link to go where no man has gone before! You might just find a glow-in-the-dark extraterrestrial quilt kit out there!
We have all gone wild over "Wild Iris" and now the precuts have joined up with the yardage -- charm packs, jelly rolls, & layer cakes!
And welcome to "Scarlett's Cottage"! This delectable quilt kit is made up for you featuring Wild Iris by Holly Taylor for Moda and the pattern by Natalie Crabtree. Includes the fabric needed for your quilt top & binding. This kit will make a gorgeous 75" x 75" creation. $134.99 per kit.

You can shop this link for the yardage, panels, precuts & kit.
The 54" square "Cup of Joe" quilt kit features Coffee Connoisseur by Jean Plout for Whistler Studios. Includes FREE pattern and the fabric needed to complete quilt top and binding. Some Applique required. $73.99

You can find yardage, kit, and a tablerunner/placemat kit here!
Check out these new digital dreamy prints and precuts just in -- Sienna by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman!

In sew many glorious colors! $10.99/yard.

You can shop this link for precuts, yardage, and three darling kits!

Make yourself something memorable!!!
25% OFF All Cutting Mats!

Limit 2 (two) -- in store only

Must present coupon at time of purchase.
One time use per customer only.
Cannot be combined with other offers/coupons.
Other exclusions may apply.

Expires June 30, 2022
35% OFF All Needles -- Longarm, Sewing Machine & Hand!

In-store Only

   Must present coupon at time of purchase.
One time use per customer only.
Cannot be combined with other offers/coupons.
Other exclusions may apply.

Expires June 30, 2022