Which medical alert system
is right for you?

There are many websites that rate medical alert devices. Some systems appear on most or all of the lists, but different websites evaluate the various systems differently. To make really informed comparisons, you have to look at more than one ranking. Here are eight websites that will help you compare and contrast. Since you will probably not want to go through all these lists, read the short description first to see which approach is most likely to answer your questions.

10 Best Medical Alerts of 2019

Ranked 1 through 10, each system is given an extensive written review. (Be sure to click on “Read Full Review.”)

The Top Medical Alert Systems for Seniors in 2019

This website ranks eight systems indicating “overall best,” “best priced,” “best for daily check-in and reminders,” “best mobile system,” and “best mobile system on a budget.” Each system is given a careful written analysis.

The Best Medical Alert Systems for 2019

The reviewers look at nine systems and create an easy-to-read chart comparing them on price, fall detection, connectivity, battery, pendant range, help button, wellness checks, free spouse monitoring, and medication reminders.

How to Choose a Medical Alert System

You would expect a careful, thorough analysis from the highly respected Consumer Reports , and this report does not disappoint. It gives you a lengthy and comprehensive explanation of the things you need to consider, including many of the points made in the foregoing article. Scroll to the end for a detailed analysis of nine systems.

Best Medical Alert Systems

This website looks at 18 systems including Jitterbug Smart and Jitterbug flip phones, which can be used as alert devices.

The Best Medical Alert Systems of 2019

The reviewers give a quick summary of five systems and then offer a more extensive ranking on customer experience, equipment, ease of setup, monitoring and response time, cost/value, and reputa tion.

Top Medical Alert Systems of 2019

This website gives 10 systems an easy-to-read ranking on features, price, and reputation.

The Best Medical Alert Systems 2019

The reviewers look at 10 systems and list the best overall, the most affordable, and the easiest to use. Then they give 15 more lists, each of which focuses on one aspect or feature, such as the best systems with fall protection, or the best systems with GPS, or the best smart watch systems, or the best systems for women.