A new benefit that will help make
our members smarter

The healthcare industry is complicated and does not make it easy for people to make informed decisions. It is often hard to get access to good information. The question for Brethren Insurance Services is, “How do we make our members smarter healthcare consumers?”

On Sept. 1 we will begin to offer an enhanced customer service program called Well360 Concierge . This is made possible through our association with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Our concierge team will be an expert resource dedicated to providing one-stop comprehensive support . They will be your healthcare navigators, holding your hand through a complex journey.

  • They are trained in all the benefits and the valuable programs available to you.

  • They will make it easy for you to take advantage of these services.

  • They will address coverage and claims questions as soon as they arise.

  • They will stress preventive care and help to schedule appointments with primary care doctors and with specialists.

  • They will use a care cost estimator so you will know what costs will be.

  • They will help you decide the best site for your care — i.e., urgent care facility vs. emergency room.

  • They will help with the transfer of medical records.

  • They will keep you informed of unique Brethren Insurance Services benefits such as telemedicine.

Well360 Concierge will reach out to you in four ways:

  1. They will send a postcard welcoming you to the program
  2. You will receive a welcome call that will include an initial consultation — reviewing benefits and giving you good strategies for becoming a better healthcare consumer.
  3. They will give you a member kit highlighting benefits and features
  4. They will send one additional reminder in the mail

Note these additional advantages of Well360 Concierge:

  • Your employer, who sponsors the plan, will no longer carry the burden of keeping you up to date.

  • Well360 gives Brethren Insurance Services the flexibility to develop strategies that fit your group and location.

  • The relationship between Highmark and the Church Benefits Association (12 denominations, with 140,000 members) gives BIS leverage to acquire cutting edge tools and follow best practices.

  • 96% of hospitals and 95% of providers are in the network, giving Well360 an approach national in scope, and allowing BIS to offer consumer care engagement, health coaching, and care/utilization management.

  • The benefits of Well360 are designed for faith-based organizations.