Late August 2019 Newsletter
Personal Greetings
Dear Friends,

The only hope for our nation is to follow the Word of God. That includes the political arena.
I am excited to share with you the ways we are “bringing biblical principles of governance” to 

  • Government Leaders (so much happening there!)
  • You, as Citizens (through our new Association of Well Versed Churches)
  • Young Adults (governmental leadership trips, Washington, D.C., Israel)

Below is a quick glimpse of a few things we have been active in to help bring scriptural truth to government.

To do this, we need your prayers. We cannot do this without your financial support. Both are needed. And we need you to be an advocate for the Well Versed ministry. Please help spread the word that we are trying to bring God’s principles into the governmental arena.

Thank you so much for praying, financially supporting and advocating for us.
We need you,

Jim and Rosemary Garlow
Co-Founders, Well Versed
By The Numbers
Key locations that God is laying on our hearts to begin future ministries IF GOD WILLS IT : The UN in Geneva, Switzerland; The International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands; and the two locations of the European Union – Brussels, Belgium and
Strasburg, France.
A Well Versed delegation meeting with the Israel Ambassador to The Netherlands in The Hague

How often Well Versed Bible studies are conducted for U.S. Congresspersons in Washington, D.C., and at the UN in New York City
Well Versed delegation in the halls of Congress with governmental leaders
(pictured with Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri)

Frequency of Well Versed Bible studies in the U.S. State Department
Jim and Rosemary Garlow pictured with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and
a small Well Versed delegation in Kiev, Ukraine, this June 2019

THIS ONE IS UNIQUE!  PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. This is the number of meetings in which – in that VERY moment – we were privileged to have impact globally. I am unable to give any specific details. But here is what I can say...
14 of us met with an extremely high-level governmental leader. He was preparing to do something that would have international impact. It would have been a wrong decision. Four of us began to speak, strongly urging him not to do it. Over the next 30 minutes we made our case. He listened. He processed with us. Finally, he said, “I get it. We won’t do it.” Candidly, we were shocked. But very happy. But the overwhelming emotion was one of profound unworthiness. We felt like we were in the presence of God. He had used us. We were in awe of Him. We were almost shaking. For the next 48 hours, we were sort of “in the Shekinah glory of God.” We all sensed that we might never experience something like that again. I cannot tell you how unworthy we all felt…as we were standing before God. We praised Him that He had used us!

Number of Members of Congress, all of whom have received a hand delivered copy of Dr. Garlow’s book Well Versed.
With God’s help and proper funding, we would like to be able to send weekly faxes and a weekly two-minute video to all Members of Congress outlining the biblical foundations to the major political issues that they are facing at the time. 
2019 Well Versed Washington DC Delegation

Total number of state legislators in all 50 states, all of whom received a hand delivered copy of Dr. Garlow’s book Well Versed.
We start our Well Versed training at a young age!
The doors are open for us to have more impact on government. Only two things can stop us: lack of prayer and lack of funds . Your support means so much to us. Thank you for donating, and helping us bring biblical principles of governance to government leaders.
We are asking for your prayer and financial support, and that you would become our advocate.

Have we told you that we love you? Well, we sure do!

Jim and Rosemary Garlow

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This is part #2 of a 4-part series. Stay tuned for the next update!