Mid-August 2019 Newsletter
Personal Greetings

I am so grateful – so very thankful – for your interest in the Well Versed ministry. We actually believe that by “bringing biblical principles of governance to government leaders,” we will see powerful change take place in nations around the world.

God has opened doors that we could not have imagined. Below
is a unique “numbers” overview of the Well Versed ministry. 
What numbers cannot fully tell you is this: God is blessing this ministry! I stand in awe of what is happening.

And it only happens because of your prayer and financial support.

And as you might expect, the financial need is great.
Now – please see what each of these numbers represent.

Thank you so much.

Jim and Rosemary Garlow
Co-Founders, Well Versed
By The Numbers

Locations where we have regular Bible studies: US Congress, US State Department – Washington D.C. –
the United Nations – New York City –
and the studies of the Hebrew
Scriptures in the Knesset in Jerusalem

Member Nations in the United Nations

Number of Ambassadors of the 193 that the Well Versed team has met with, one at a time, in their offices in New York City
The iconic United Nations building
We keep learning how to do ministry better. God keeps leading us in new ways. We have now discovered how to launch the Hammarskjold Society , that is, bringing Ambassadors together. We had our first meeting. Our second one will be in August. 
Simply put , we contacted the 87 Ambassadors that we have now met one at a time, and invited them to a nice dinner, to form greater relationships, and to find ways to better encourage them, pray for them, and share biblical insights.

Year that the first weekly “Jefferson Gathering” worship and Bible study began for Congresspersons in the
US Capitol

Year that “The Fellowship” UN Bible study began in the United Nations in New York City
The Fellowship Bible Study at the United Nations (Subjects blurred out for privacy reasons)

Year that the Schindler Society studies of the Hebrew Scriptures began in the Knesset in Jerusalem, Israel.

Number of Schindler Society studies of the Hebrew Scriptures
we have had in the Knesset. 
The Schindler Society at the Knesset in Jerusalem, Israel
The entire Well Versed team, Rosemary, and I so thank you for your prayers and financial support. We cannot make it without you.  Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have and feel free to forward this email update to your friends. Please connect us to your friends who would be interested in receiving Well Versed updates.

Have I told you I love you? Well I do!

Jim Garlow 

For more information, call 1-855-777-WELL (9355) or email us at I nfo@WellVersedWorld.org .
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This is part #1 of a 4-part series. Stay tuned for the next update!