September 2019 Newsletter
Greetings Friends!

As you know, our ministry is to Members of Congress in Washington, DC and persons in the various DC agencies / departments, as well as Ambassadors and employees at the United Nations in New York City. We bring Biblical principles of governance to government leaders.

In addition we co-sponsor a Bible study in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) in Jerusalem, which is led by a wonderful Jewish rabbi. See more at

We just got back from New York City. I write this in appreciation of so many of you who are supporting this ministry. The past few days, I was reminded why we do what we do. Allow me to explain.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Attorney Phillip Jauregui (who leads our UN Bible studies), Chris Shields (who was formerly at our UN ministry, but is now in our D.C. ministry), Rosemary and I met with Ambassadors. We have now met with 87 of the 193 UN Ambassadors. Thank you so much for helping us do this – by your prayers and financial support. At 87 of the 193, we are at the 45% mark. Will you pray for us as we met with the other 55%, and continue to find ways we can encourage them with the love of God?

I cannot identify the Ambassadors by name, nor the countries they represent, but allow me to give you a few examples.

Jim and Rosemary Garlow
Co-Founders, Well Versed

Ambassador Meetings

Ambassador #1

The first Ambassador we met with is Muslim and he is from a Muslim nation. I had barely heard of the country, but God broke my heart for him and his country. His country struggles with enormous unemployment and I had the privilege of talking to him about the national economic principles found in the Bible.  

This Ambassador was so gracious and he excitedly showed us the photos of the breathtaking beauty of his nation. We asked if we could pray for him and his country, and he was happy to receive our prayers. 

Once again, God gave me such a deep love for him and for his country. Prayer produces intimacy and I came away carrying a burden for him and his country. I cannot seem to get this nation off my heart.

I pray for it often.
Ambassador #2

The second Ambassador is Catholic and is from an overwhelmingly Catholic country. When he heard our mission, he was so warm. He responded powerfully to our desire to pray for him and to lift his load.

He seemed so delighted to have someone come – not asking for something – but offering something.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann,
Advisor to Well Versed
Chris Shields,
Director of Connections
Washington D.C.
Phillip Jauregui,
Executive Director of U.N. & D.C.
Well Versed Ministries
Tiffany Espensen
Communications & Outreach Director,
Well Versed

Ambassador #3

This European Ambassador had met with Congresswoman Bachmann and Chris Shields previously. The Ambassador had kept an ongoing friendship with Chris, texting him. You could see how happy he was to see Chris and the Congresswoman again. We discussed spiritual matters. We prayed for him and his country at length.
Ambassador #4

This meeting was interesting. The Ambassador was a delight, with an incredible sense of humor. However, when we began to discuss what we did, she became frank and direct (“I am not going to be ‘politically correct’"), letting us know that she was a “liberal Christian” (referencing abortion and LGBTQ) and anyone from the “right” was a “hypocrite.” She let us know that she was going to be direct. 

Frankly, I loved her directness. I do well with “direct” people – and she certainly was. She challenged me on abortion and LGBTQ issues. I listened. Then I walked through some backgrounding, in terms of Scriptures including Psalm 139 and Jeremiah 1. She listened intently.

Rosemary began to let her know that we were there to pray for her – and her concerns. Michele Bachmann zeroed in on that. Chris Shields shared God’s desire to bless her nation. In just moments, the “atmosphere” changed. She could see that we really did love her. We cared for her. We really enjoyed being with her and she could sense that! Any potential tension dissipated! 

And then, an amazing thing happened. The Ambassador looked at Michele's nice ring and complimented it. Michele immediately took it off her finger and said, “This ring is for you.” The Ambassador resisted. Michele insisted. Finally, the Ambassador hesitatingly accepted the gift of the ring. A bond was formed between the Congresswoman and the Ambassador. It was a profound moment. The Ambassador who only moments before had been challenging us, was now so enjoying herself. We were truly friends. We really enjoyed being with her and she could tell it.

God had deeply touched all of our hearts.

I wish I could pack you all up and take you all with us to the United Nations.
I wish you could be in our weekly Well Versed Bible studies there. 

I wish I could take you to the U.S. Congress, for you to attend our Well Versed Bible study there (which begins after the August recess, on September 11).

I so wish you could go to the brand new Bible study for Congressional Staff and Interns (we are told there are 18,000 staffers in DC), which begins September 9 th .

I wish I could take you to the special Well Versed Bible study, that occurs at the U.S. State Department and the one that will begin at the Supreme Court.

But – in the meantime – let me say thank you for praying for us. We really need your prayer.

Thank you for supporting us financially at   We are so grateful.

On behalf of Michele, Phillip, Chris, Tiffany and the entire Well Versed Team – we say thank you.

Jim and Rosemary Garlow
Co-Founders, Well Versed


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