WP100 Challenge Overall Prize Winners

Scheels Merchandise
Terri Oehm- Bike
Erin Kinney- Kayak
Barbara Perry- Headphones
Jane Rihanek- HyperVolt Massager
Taylor Scott-Rohrer- Fitbit

$100 Scheels Gift Card
Laura Hoden
Dee Goetz
Beverly Mackie
Peter Pellerito

$50 Scheels Gift Card
Donald Dingman
Tricia Rump
Sharon Frink
Crysta Chalupa
Kristina Garcia
Andy Shefsky
$25 Scheels Gift Card
Joni Bosiljevac
Dave Cronin
Emily Nielsen
Sarah Zak
Lareesa Greunke
Jameson Rusch
Derek Kay
Jacee Roseberry
Gavin Goodsell
Zach Hanken
Melinda Renner
Julie Erickson

Congratulations major prize winners, and kudos to all who earned WP25, WP50 and WP100 badges! For your efforts in improving your physical activity habits, you are all winners in our eyes.
Regarding prize distribution, all winners will receive a separate email with specific information on distribution of prizes. The general plan is to distribute the merchandise at Scheels and mail the gift cards within the next two weeks.
Remember, now that the WP 100 Challenge is over, our focus shifts to mental wellbeing for the month of May. We encourage you to continue to log your physical activity, and we strongly encourage you to check out the newly-added mental wellbeing activities. Log your mental wellbeing activity miles May 1-31 for new badges and prize eligibility.
WellPower Challenge Final Stats:
Total Participants- 7,071
Total Mileage Logged- 144,000
WP-100 Badge Winners- 398
WP-50 Badge Winners- 484
WP-25 Badge Winners- 559

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