Congratulations to our WellPower Weekly Prize Drawing Winners!
$10 Scheels Gift Cards
Elise Mitchell
Sara Martens
Julie Traynowicz

WellPower Movement Blanket
Susie Tyrrell

WellPower Movement Stocking Cap
Ron Ramsey
These winners became eligible for the weekly prize drawing by logging at least 25 miles of activity in their account at Besides earning their WellPower 25 Badge they were automatically entered into the drawing.
Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win this week. Prizes will be awarded weekly, and the majority of our prizes--including the top tier prizes—will go to those earning the WellPower100 badge at the conclusion of the Challenge on April 30.
The moral of the story—keep achieving and logging activity, and encourage your friends and group-mates to do the same! Even if you haven’t started moving and logging, it is never too late to get on track to a more powerful you!
Post photos, stories and tips using #WellPowerUp and become eligible for additional prizes!

Wellness Tip of the Week
Mindful walking is a way to practice mental wellbeing and can reduce stress. Going for a mindful walk can be as short as a five-to-ten-minute walk. The goal of your walk is to use all your senses to bring awareness to your body and surroundings. Similar to yoga, focusing on how your body feels, the sensations you experience, and the sights and sounds around you. When your catch your mind beginning to wander, thinking about your plans for the day, what you need to get from the grocery store, or worrying about your friends, simply take a deep breathe in and let the thought pass without following it.

Too cold or slippery to go outside for walk? Try this:

Outdoor physical activities to try:

Try heading to a Nebraska state park for some fresh air and outdoor activities.

Mahoney State Park in Ashland has a large open- air ice-skating pavilion. Perfect for families, dates, first time skaters and seasoned skaters.

Skiing, and snowboarding are also great ways to get outside and get some physical activity to add to your miles. Mt. Crescent offers those options and more, open Wednesday- Sunday.

WellPower FAQ's

Can I use other applications or websites to log miles?
Currently, miles can only be logged on your My Miles. If you are using other applications or website to log, you can export your activity log as a .csv file, which can be opened and imported into other applications that accept .csv import.
How can I share with my friends, family and coworkers?
Share your adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #WellPowerUp. They can also visit this site for more information and to sign up.
How do I add my mileage to my group?
Some groups are focused on a specific activity, like "Running" or "Cycling". In those groups, only miles logged with that corresponding activity will be added to the group total.
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