Congratulations to our WellPower Weekly Prize Winners!

WellPower 50
Gordon Harris – $10 Scheels Gift Card
Cindy Genthe – Baseball Cap
Susan Lewis – Blanket
Greg Bakewell – Stocking Hat
WellPower 25
Shawn McGregor– $10 Scheels Gift Card
Roy White – Baseball Cap
Sam Barnhart – Blanket
Melissa Zeiszler – Stocking Hat

These winners became eligible by logging at least 25 miles or 50 miles at 

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Wellness Tip of the Week
Mindful Eating
With the stress we have all endured over the last year it is easy to forget how food and nutrition affects our mental health and our wellbeing in general. A lot of us fall into habits of mindless eating including eating past full, eating according to our emotions, eating at random times and places, eating comfort foods, eating while multi-tasking.
One great tip from Christopher Willard in ‘6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating’ to avoid mindless eating includes allowing your body to catch up to your brain. Christopher states “The body actually sends its satiation signal about 20 minutes after the brain, which is why we often unconsciously overeat”

Outdoor Physical Activities to try:
A fun way to get outside as the weather warms ups is year round tanking at Glidden Canoe Rental. They rent out tanks, canoes, and kayaks for float trips along the Dismal and Middle Loup rivers. Next year in 2022 look out for their Polar Bear Tank Race. It will be held March 4th and 5th next year with teams coming from all over to participate in this signature event.

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