A "Time to Talk" Week

Earn badges during the "Time to Talk" week challenge May 17-22. Each day will present a new opportunity to participate. You can follow along and log the activities in which you participate in for the chance to win drawing prizes.

Monday: Click HERE to Create a badge - Start the week off by making a commitment to this week and creating your very own badge you can share to inspire others to join you in this week. Share your badge with us by using the hashtag #WellPowerUp

Tuesday: Favorite friendship activity- Participating in an activity and checking in with your friends. Sending a simple message letting them know you are thinking about them and value their friendship. Sharing a personal story of a struggle you have been through with your mental health with a friend.

Wednesday: Feeling check in with a loved one- Start by both of you completing a body scan. Do you feel tense, is your heart racing, are you calm? Next direct your attention to your mind. What are you thinking and feeling? Are you feeling low, maybe happy? Then dig deeper and describe these feelings more specifically. Could you be feeling jealousy, guilty, excited? Doing this on a regular basis when our feelings are not as strong can help prepare us for moments where our emotions may be out of control or in a crisis state.

Thursday: Lunch with a coworker- Lunch, coffee, a phone call. Talk about mental health and other topics not related to work with a co-worker, colleague, fellow student, other stay at home parents, or acquaintances. Take some time to talk to others about how their mental health matters.

Friday: Stigmatizing language activity- Participate in an activity that will help bring attention to stigmatizing language surrounding mental health. Some ideas include- creating art such as poster or sign with a slogan that discusses stigmatizing language. Address a letter or email to a company or news broadcast that may be unaware that some of their language has been stigmatizing and give suggestions of what could be more appropriate.
This website is a good place to start learning more about stigmatizing language.

Saturday: Self Care Saturday- get a massage, start a cycle of encouragement by telling someone near to you what you appreciate about them, learn a new skill, participate in your favorite hobby or physical activity, do something nice for someone anonymously, call a friend or sibling when you know they can’t answer and leave a funny made up song as your voicemail, watch your favorite movie from start to finish, go to a support group meeting, find and listen to a podcast about a topic that interests you. Take some time to enjoy today.
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